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    Best way to apply Collinite?

    Can you apply 476 paste wax using PC 7424 with a black pad? How easy or tough it is and what to watch for? Also, anyone use IsoPropanal wipe down prior to this (after polishing)? any tips for that?
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    Windshield washer fluid frozen

    I used summer fluid for wiper fluid few months ago and apparently did not use it all up before winter arrived. There is still some left over and began to freeze up on me. So I poured 3/4th of Rain-X deIcer fluid (upto -40c?) jug into the washer fluid reservoir yesterday but still doesnt work...
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    Detailing is a pain !

    I spent all weekend sprucing up my vehicle in the name of paint care. My back still hurts.. <img src="/forums/images/%%GRAEMLIN_URL%%/crazy2.gif" alt="" title="crzy" height="15" width="15" /> just thinking about it hurts. <img src="/forums/images/%%GRAEMLIN_URL%%/shocked2.gif" alt=""...
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    "Cleaner Wax" - Where does it fit in 3 Steps

    I have mothers 3 step products - 1. Pre Wax Cleaner 2. Glaze and sealant 3. Carnuba wax I also have Zymol Cleaner Wax (zurtle wax) and not sure where it fits in the above. Can it replace step1 or are there any disadvantages of applying step2 after cleaner wax? Or can it come after step1 and 2?
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    Suggestions for a novice

    Need some help folks.. Can anyone suggest steps to be taken for laying to thick coat of wax for winter protection? or in detailing in general? We get bombarded out here in winter with tons of salt so needless to say I have a week or so left before I can get my 07 mitsu outlander ready. BTW, I...
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    Extra oil in crankcase - Not a good thing?

    Did my oil change yesterday. Poured 5 litres in my mitsu outlander even though it is spec'd for 4.4 ltrs (including filter). I know you are supposed to put the right amount and later add more as and when required.. But, I always pour in 5 quarts (4.75 ltrs) and usually get about 4 quarts...
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    Filter cross reference - various brands

    Here's an easy way to find an equivalent filter in a different brand.. <a href="" target="_blank">Filter cross reference</a> All you have to do is copy paste the reference number shown next to your known...
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    Difference between Quaker State 14461 and 14610

    I dont understand this.. Went to Canadiantire and looked up their filter guide before buying QS14461. Checked QuakerState website just for kicks and their online guide points to 14610 for same vehicle (mitsubishi outlander). I am confused.. I am not sure which one to trust. If 14461 turns out to...
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    AMSoil ASL 5w30 - 12600 km - 07 outlander

    Here is latest UOA (ASL 5W30) run for 12,600 km which is roughly 7900 miles. <img src="" alt="" /> Note that the previous for 12000km (7500 mi) was Amsoil ASM 0w20 and further to the right (6000 km 3750 mi) is M1 5w20. This...
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    Fuel trace in oil

    My last UOA came in with a trace of fuel maybe due to stop and go traffic but not sure. Perhaps coincidence but flash point and viscosity were lower than expected as well. IIRC, I had summer tires switched back on just before the oil change and they were reading 20 PSI(deflated for storage)...
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    AMSOil 0w20 - 12000 KM (7500 mi) - 07 Outlander

    Here is the report from BlackStone for my second UOA. Values on the right are from M1 UOA with 6000 KM (3750 mi). <img src="" alt="" /> Oil was used for 5 months roughly. Oil sample was taken cold (just reversed the vehicle...
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    Anyone use Amsoil Series 3000 5w30 SL?

    5w30 SL with 12 tbn and can be used in Gas engines. Seems like a good one to me.. <a href="" target="_blank"></a> Whats the catch?
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    Switched to Amsoil SVG - Observations

    Vehicle is 2007 Mitsubishi Outlander which has 27000 KM (1 mile = 1.6 km). Read somewhere that it is a good idea to replace factory fluids early. We are not talking about engine oil here btw. Had a drain and fill on the following: 1. ATF - Drained about 4 litres and refilled with factory...
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    2007 Mitsubishi Outlander Mobil1 5w20 6000 km

    My first UOA YaY... <img src="" alt="" /> Oil: M1 5w20 mostly (there's a hint of gtx 5w20 in there) how long: 2.5 months 6k km = 3750 miles conditions: 80% city heavy traffic 20% normal
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    Michelin Latitude X-Ice

    After debating and reading a ton of stuff.. I wound up with something that I didnt plan on <img src="/forums/images/%%GRAEMLIN_URL%%/grin2.gif" alt="" title="grin" height="15" width="15" /> Nonetheless am happy as a clam with them michelins. Awesome is all I can say.. Weather has been...
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    Consequences of constantly switching brands?

    I have for some reason or the other kept switching brands/viscosities ever since I bought my new car back in feb. Is there a problem I am looking at in the future? Shouldnt be but wanted to check..
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    What do short trips do to oil?

    Apart from the obvious condensation causing sulphuric and nitric acids? I understand TBN goes down quick since more of the alkyl components get depleted while neutralizing the acid. But what else happens? Reason I ask is I started a new job which requires me to take a train to downtown (unless...
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    Is 0w30 a better choice than 5w20 ?

    I was wondering if 0w30 does everything as well as 5w20 and more... low cSt at 40 deg helps with cold starts and prevents startup wear. While high cSt at 100 is better for protection considering hot temps, shearing, fuel dilution etc. What do you folks think? Thick oils such as GC are probably...
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    UOA section - Conclusions?

    I have been noticing this trend where in folks come in and post their UOAs only to see couple of replies/comments/questions. While this section gets ton of traffic... not much seem to be going on in UOA section. Are people not aware of that section much? I'd like to see which oils are...
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    Walmart 0w30 synthetic specs

    Anyone has info on tech2000 0w30 synthetic oil? I cant seem to find any specs for it. I believe it is called supertech stateside while walmart canada calls it tech2000. Some say its re-refined oil <img src="/forums/images/graemlins/shocked.gif" alt="" /> as it is made by safety kleen canada...