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    0w20 oil to reduce engine noise in a Subaru OB?

    I am looking for a 0W20 synthetic oil for my 2017 Subaru Outback 2.5.that will help reduce engine noise while the engine is cold or warm.
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    2017 Subaru 2.5 0w20 oil.

    I have been using Subaru's 0w20 synthetic oil in my 2017 Outback. The oil has been changed 3 times in about 9,000 miles at my request. I now plan to do my own oil changes in a couple of months. I plan to use Subarus filter. As this is my first Subaru and not sure what oil to use. I am sure...
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    Lubri Moly Mos2 in a new Subaru Outback

    I have about 6,000 miles on my 2017 Subaru outback Limited. I just put Lubri-Moly Mos2 in. I felt it just may protect some on cold starts. I thought the car was broken in enough. Any opinion as the Subaru flat four is a different animal than my old BMW? <img src="/forums/graemlins/smile.gif"...
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    Are early oil changes bad on new cars?

    I occasionally see posts that state early oil changes are not good on new cars? I have about 6,000 miles on my 2017 Subaru outback limited 2.5 and have changed the oil and filter twice. The first time was at 890 miles. I just feel it would flush out any manufacturing residue if any. Gives me...
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    Oil for seldom driven BMW

    I have a 1995 BMW 525i M50 6-cylinder engine with 237,000 miles on it. I used to drive 14,000 miles a year. Now 1,800 a year. I have been using a 10w40 HM oil like Pennzoil and changing it once a year now that I drive so much less. Wondering if I should go to a synthetic. If I do what viscosity...
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    Old fuel cause lower mileage

    Fuel in my car is about two months old. On a trip today, I noticed about 3mpg lower than the last trip over the same route. Would older fuel contribute to this loss? The fuel is 93 octane shell in my 95 BMW 525i with no fuel stabilizer additives. Hope this is the appropiate area for this question.
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    Low yearly mileage. How often to change oil?

    I drive less than 2,000 miles per year on my old 236,000 mile BMW 525i. Usually short trips. Hardly drive it in the winter. I currently change oil once a year with Pennzoil 10w40 HM and new Mahle or Mann filter. I think this is about right. I would not really want to go two years???
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    Haze removal after polishing?

    I used a porter cable random orbit polisher with a crimson Lake country foam pad and Meguiars 205 polish to remove light scratches on my rather glossy dark green BMW paint. After polishing, most of the scratches are gone but the finish seems to have a light haze. What do I need to restore the...
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    How can I restore color to hard interior plastic

    I have some 20-year-old BMW parchment colored hard plastic interior parts "darkening" from sunlight. Is there any way to restore the proper color? They are NOT fading.
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    Dr Dons radio repair-recommended

    The stock radio in my 95 BMW 525i died. Believe it was the power supply. As I did not want to replace it with a new flashy radio, I just sent it to Dr. Dons in Huntsville Texas and he restored it completely. He replaced power supply, belts, bulbs and lubed everything etc. for $195 including...
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    Lithium-ion random orbit polishers

    Anyone know anything about ranon orbit lithium-ion polishers? I see Groit's has one out. Not sure anyone else does. seems like a good idea if the power lasts long enough and the weight is within reason.
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    how often to change my BMWs oil?

    My 1995 BMW with 233,000 miles will be driven only 1200 miles this year. I changed the oil and filter (Mahle filter and 10w/40 Pennzoil HM)in November 2013. Car was hardly driven during the winter months. Planning to change the oil/filter again this November with the same oil/filter. I think...
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    stop leak for heater cores?

    Is there a good stop leak product? My 95 BMW has a heater core leak.
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    Heater core leak- stop-leak products???

    I have a heater core leak on my 95 BMW. Big-big/expensive job to remove heater core. Do any of the "stop-leak" products work without clogging the radiator or engine?
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    hand washing car in cold weather-your technique

    I like to keep salt and other debris off my cars in the winter. I dislike using car washes so I often do it by hand when above freezing (in the 40s at least) and the hose is not frozen. <img src="/forums/graemlins/smile.gif" alt="smile" title="smile" height="15" width="15" /> What techniques...
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    BMW Is and I8 opinions?

    I know this is an oil forum However what does the forum members think of the new BMW i series currently the i3 and i8? I am particularly fascinated with the i3 and the range extender concept. The i8 has the drive train concept that may be more main-steam that we may see versions of in larger i...
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    body work is expensive

    I have the paint fading/peeling on a rear passenger door on my 95 BMW. Apparently it was damaged before delivery to the first owner. No apparent dents. Just a spot showing where filler of some sort may have been used. May have even been fixed at the port. The cost to remove all...
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    How do I stop browning tires?

    Got new tires. Used armoll-all as tire dressing and they brown very quickly and even look sort of grayish when wet. I understand new tires are "out gassing" plasticisers?? that can help brown rires. I think the best solution, at lest for awhile, is to just wash my tires with soap and water. Does...
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    source for Wurth HHS-K spray lube?

    Anyone know of a good source/best price for Wurth HHS-K spray lube? Evidently it is the best lube that goes on thin and then sets-up as a high pressure grease. Supposedly great on door hinges and the like. Link <a...
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    New Michelin Primacy MXV4 rough when cold

    My new Michelin Primacy MXV4 tires seem to ride rough when cold. They do this for the first couple of miles. I also notice some vibration at that time. Do some brands flat spot when cold? Somewhat distracting to me. Otherwise tires seem to be fine.