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    New to me Ford 4.0 has low oil pressure at idle once warmed up

    2005 Mustang, around 215k miles. I just got the car, saw the oil pressure light come on while driving home and just assumed an oil change would work (found out last service shop threw on the wrong size oil filter). Did the oil change, and still has that same problem. I'm not your typical BITOG...
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    High moly, low calcium 0w40/5w40 options?

    Have someone with a Jetta 1.8 (2014) and of course wants to reduce LSPI as much as possible. Most of the Euro oils seem to be doing the opposite by having high calcium PPM.
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    Quaker State Full Synthetic now Dexos1 Gen3 approved?

    Walmart advertising their oil for $43. Strange that Quaker State hasn't started announcing the fact that they have Gen3 approval.
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    New Valvoline Maxlife blend 12qt box coming to Walmart

    Looks to be based off the 75k-mile red bottle Maxlife. Currently rings up for $40, which for me isn't good considering 2 boxes of full synthetic Chevron Havoline would be the same price for the same amount of oil. Forgot to get a picture of the UPC but I can get it tomorrow if anybody's...
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    GTX Classic 20w50 coming soon in 5qt jugs at Walmart?

    Just got two cases of this one, with no proper spot on the shelf. I'm thinking this is going to get rolled out soon as new product being carried. If you see it, should be $22 right now unless your Waly World has already updated prices. Different UPC compared to the regular GTX 20w50
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    If you had to get a 5w30 that burns the least, which one would you pick out of these?

    For a Kia/Hyundai 1.6. Burning badly but my brother doesn't want go to thick yet like 0w40. Shelf 5w30 options are the following: -PP Euro $25 -Castrol Edge EP $27.50 -Valvoline Maxlife Synthetic $22.50 -M1 EP High Mileage $29.50
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    Any experience with Napa's Ultra Premium Semi-Metallic pads? Or Carquest Standard/Premium Gold Semi-Metallics?

    Need to get new front pads, and normally I'd order Raybestos stuff but I'm leaving for a trip soon and can't really wait for them to arrive next week. Looking at these prices: $33 for Carquest Standard $51 for Carquest Premium Gold $62 for the Napa Ultra Premium These were basically the only...
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    Friend wants high-flow oil filter for Civic Si

    '09 Civic Si (K20 high-revving engine), he wants it to still be relatively efficient at filtering but prioritizes oil flow first. Does the occasional canyon drive once a week. What would you guys run for this? Said it needed to be sub-$15, no e-core, and either synthetic blend or full synthetic...
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    Fram Ultra 9688 or Hyundai/Kia OEM filter?

    Not concerned about filter life, but whatever will provide best filtering possible for the money. It's going into a Kia Rio 1.6 - welcome to using the TG line of Fram or other OEM filters. Supertech worth a shot with their MP9688?
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    Kia 1.6 - 5w20 a must?

    Brother just bought a new used car, Kia Rio from 2015. Everything's nice, oil isn't bad almost due - I have an extra bottle of Valvoline EP 0w20 laying around, would it be any issue? What pros does 5w20 have over 0w20?
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    Fuel injector cleaner for '06 Pathfinder. Techron vs. CRC vs. B12

    Lot of choices, don't really know who's got a solid dosage. Apparently the one with the highest PEA is the best? Don't have any numbers or where to start. Main reason I'm doing it is because a spark plug fouled and started misfiring (car's been largely sitting for months and barely being moved...
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    Liqui-Moly Oil Saver + 0w-20 5qts = 5w30ish?

    I have an '06 Pathfinder that's starting to seep a little oil, and instead of running a high-mileage oil I thought I'd run some LM oil-saver as an alternative plus 0w-20 (since the LM would act as a thickener?) so that viscosity comes down to being a comparable 0/5w30 but a bit more...
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    Ohtsu FP7000 decent?

    Need a set of 205/50R17s for cheap, and Walmart is selling these for $65 each. Seems to be produced by Falken, and handling is good. Question mark is the ride quality and NVH
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    Higher quality CVT fluid alternative over factory Nissan for 2015 Sentra?

    My car's out of warranty so I don't care about keeping in the OEM trash fluid that's probably not good enough. Doesn't have high mileage but it is starting to have a judder every now and then if I'm driving it hard for a while. Between Amsoil, Castrol, Valvoline, etc. what's the preferred option...
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    2011 Civic 1.8 - Havoline 0w-20, or Magnatec?

    Car runs 5w-20, thought I'd run 0w20 now since there's no point otherwise for the 5w. Last oil change had the Pennzoil high-mileage blend, so what should I add to the oil to help maintain that high-mileage formula? Would a bottle of 5w-20 high-mileage whatever be suffice? The Havoline and...
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    Upsizing filter for 2011 Civic 1.8?`

    According to aftermarket specs, I am to use a 6607-size filter (which to me is ridiculously tiny considering older Hondas use to run 9688 or 7317). Is there any harm in moving up to one of those sizes? From what I've heard, the change to a smaller oil filter is to help with quicker oil pressure...