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    Who does a good job with convertible tops in the Minneapolis area?

    This for my wife's '05 Nisan 350z roadster. The original is needing to be replaced and a couple trim shops that I'd used years ago are now gone The dealers are no help for a suggestion
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    The ongoing bead sealing issues in northern winter-

    I was reading and thinking about this ongoing situation. FWIW, when I worked a tire shop in the late 1960s, it wasn't an issue. The most problematic aluminum wheels were rarer and not usually on cars that were winter drivers. I was one of quite a few that would use snow tires mounted on extra...
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    2020 Elantra black oil

    I bought this car as a carryover this April. It had 40 miles on it and was built 15 months before. The battery was no good after sitting at the dealers 'overflow' remote lot. Anyway, all was fine as I used it as normal transportation. I changed the oil and filter at about 900 miles with an OEM...
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    Goodyear Wrangler buy-and a chuckle

    I bought 4 of these as the 235/75/15 on sale lately fits a couple of mine. The first one came today as shipped from LA by way of Dallas. The other 3 were also coming from LA, but maybe a more direct, but slower route-so possibly tomorrow. The chuckle was as I noted the date code as 12/19. They...
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    Shells for a 100 year old 10 gauge?

    I don't see anything available out there for these old 2 7/8" chambers as the 3 1/2" has been the standard now for many years. I'd like a few shot sizes and it would seem like someone who does custom loading or I'd have to source reloading gear-that I really don't care to do for a relatively...
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    Block heater failures

    I've used these in many cars for 50 years with very good results, but in more recent times I've had these fail after 1-5 years of occasional winter use. Kats were first seen as seem iffy, but also the Tempro have had failures. Also OEM that I think some of Canadian manufacture. I had wondered if...
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    Minnesota Gander Outlet stores=.22 subsonic

    FWIW-This is the 'remake' of the old Gander Mountain in this area. I stopped in and was surprised to see several of the Aquila .22 subsonic products as well as the CCI. I use them for quiet pest control and such not always to be found.
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    Painting the inside of a topper?

    I've got a 30 year old Eagle topper on my El Camino where the white paint is pealing off the inside of the rough fiberglass. I figure to mechanically remove what will come loose and repaint, but wonder about what type of paint was likely used and then what best to use for the repaint-thanks
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    Asphalt driveway crack filler?

    I'm looking to find a good consumer available product that stays black-as well as doing a good job. What I've tried before has all turned gray over time in the weather-thanks
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    So we are in the 'political season' that seems endless. Many areas of problems and various fixes. It seems that the discussion rarely actually gets to a root cause, but some 'band-aid'. Over the years I've more and more come to the idea that much is simply too many people=more and more and more...
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    Wishing for shut off and cold atf level checks-

    Not talking about the latest sight glass/fill plug stuff, but the old traditional dipstick. I rarely feel like I get an accurate reading with hot idle as fluid from the tube/splash/what ever makes for a hard read. With the older transmissions it didn't seem like they were all that fussy as...
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    Too much noise at the gun club...

    In the local suburban newspaper a story about the local trap range that's been operating since 1956 at a country club. The jist is some grumpy neighbors have hired a lawyer to 'get rid of the shooting range'. OK, not a rare story in itself, but apparently there has been more shooting year by...
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    Old money-

    Chatting with a pal living nearby a nice 1920's 6 acre 'mini estate' that is being knocked down and apart for a new cul-de-sac with the Mcmansions. The same family for all the years and they being quoted in the suburban paper with the desire to 'maximize financial security' for the next...
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    Buy 2000 Jeep Grand Cherokee V8??

    My wife has had a dead reliable '93 GC 4.0 but with rust taking over and has found this clean 2000 with the 5.2 V8. I recall that the 4.0 around 2000 had head issues and I'm wondering if this vintage and with the old 310\8 engine have any particular pattern failure issues. thanks
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    Parts quality section on this site?

    It seems that there's nearly constant varyiability with the quality of parts as business undergoes mergers, value engineering efforts, on shore and off, ect,ect. As in=I used to buy Modine radiators with good result, but that name is now gone and replaced by who? and what quality now?-things...
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    Working on an old fiberglass topper-

    I have an old Eagle Industries topper from Plymouth, Indiana on an '85 El Camino. They are apparently out of business and I need to source the extruded and other window, hatch and other sealing rubbers and don't really see a source for but one or two. The fiberglass seems to have a white gelcoat...
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    Slow down in the parking lot, alley, ect..

    I'm at my fairly busy local Menards store and a pickup about smacks a gal walking out between parked cars while texting. Sight lines here and in many locations are very limited and a pedestrian can easily get knocked down to the pavement and just as dead from a head injury as a high speed...
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    Minnesota-temp of 63 at 4AM in November??

    Not to last, but we've had a nice run. I recall at this hour on 11-11-66 -15 degrees going out to the deer stand=we are certainly not Maui or San Diego!
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    Why so few hatchbacks?

    Our first was a new '72 Vega and we could actually sleep in it. There were a number of other hatch cars that followed over the years and they were so much better for hauling while keeping style. The early Mazda6 4 and 5 doors looked the same excepting a rear wiper on the 5 door. Hatchbacks were...
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    64 and the Medicare/retirement vultures

    A buddy of mine was talking about hitting 64 and he started getting more and more mass mailings and calls from the insurance/financial world for the 'correct' supplement to buy and the 'right time' to start SS and pension options they'd want to 'manage'. I told him that by the time he's at the...