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  1. Grand cherokee hemi

    Coolant PH level questions.

    I recently completely flushed my cooling system and replaced the coolant. I did a very thorough flush using a radiator flush kit, distilled water and flushing several times. I removed my thermostat, put the heater on high and drained my reservoir tank. I had completely clear water draining out...
  2. Grand cherokee hemi

    Cheaper alternative for fully synthetic oil change

    Just some food for thought for those who believe in using full synthetic. So in canada penzoil platinum or ultra platinum regularly goes on sale at 50% off. This makes a 5L jug cost $22 - $30 (depending on which) for a very highly rated oil. The local oil change shop (great canadian oil change)...
  3. Grand cherokee hemi

    How to flush and replace your OAT coolant

    Just though I'd share this video showing how to change coolant on a jeep grand cherokee 5.7l
  4. Grand cherokee hemi

    A $30 pan for ZF 8 SPEED! could it be??

    So was talking to a member in another forum about servicing options for the 8 speed transmissions. He mentioned he had bought a replacement pan for his vehicle for $29. I immediately thought he must be mistaken as i had looked far and wide for pans not long ago for my own GC. In my search I had...