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    Ever washed your car in the rain?

    It is hit or miss with washing in the rain. Some people say no way others say that rain itself is low mineral etc. That being said it is raining fairly heavily in MA today and warm so I decided to do a traditional wash and not dry it because the rain is fairly heavy and tomorrow is going to be...
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    Who makes West Marine brand oil?

    Title is really my question. Anybody know who blends the oil for West Marine? We changed out the oil before winterizing using the West Marine oil and next season I will be able to give a better "butt dyno" review but I was curious.
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    Thoughts on Bridgestone Alenza Plus?

    I am not in need of new tires just yet but I have been hearing good things about the Bridgestone Alenza Pluses. My father in law had them from the factory on his Yukon and replaced them with the same. He lives in Buffalo so he has his share of snow and long distance driving. Not sure if...
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    Highest PEA in a FI cleaner (maybe a tired post)

    Hey everybody, with the realization that PEA is a great cleaner I feel like recently there has been an influx is cleaners which show PEA as % of the cleaner. Gumout for example. I got a bottle of Gumout Expert All in One. It is the autozone specific brand of gumpout. I wasn't sure if anybody...
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    Washing you cars knowing it'll get dirty same day

    Hey everybody, this may sound crazy but do people wash their cars knowing it wont be perfect the same day. We had about 8-14 inches of snow over the previous weekend and most of ours melted overnight with warmer weather and rain. I was considering washing the car to get the salt off but know...
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    Continental truecontact

    Does anybody have any experience with these tires? They are moderately priced but from the reviews I have seen they seem to be a real nice all season tire. Especially in wet and snowy conditions. I am not in the need for tires just yet but I was thinking these would be nice for the terrain...
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    Brake Pad Drag Reduction Clips?

    Hey everybody, I was doing some reading and these clips sounded like a pretty good idea. Giving slight pressure so it can separate the pads while not offering any changes in the brake performance/feel. This would eliminate any possible brake drag. Does anybody have an experience with this...
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    Thoughts on Mann filters?

    Hey - I saw on rockauto I can buy the equivalent of PF52 filter for 2.42. I know they are big with European cars with extended drains but I wasn't sure if anybody has any experience with these and are they a worth while stockup? I run my Equinox on the OLM which is between 6-8k
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    Anybody use Shell Rotella T1 SAE 40 in boats?

    Hey everybody - So our family has a 2007 Mercruiser 4.3 that I was asked to get oil for. My father in law said that he talked to the guy who rebuilt the engine and he said to not bother with getting 20w-40 mercury oil and to buy a good straight 40. I found a decent price for some Rotella 40...
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    Chevy Equinox rear differential leak

    Hey everybody - I noticed a small pool on my driveway coming from my rear differential of my 2005 Chevy Equinox. I am not sure if anybody has had a similar issue or has done a repair for this? I haven't been able to get under it yet but I am not sure if it has a gasket like a traditional diff...
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    Floor jack hard to move. Ideas?

    Hey guys - I have a Duralast 2 1/2 ton floor jack that has been giving me trouble free service for years now. It wasn't until recently that I have been having issues turning the shaft that allows it to jack up and releasing the pressure. I tried some penetrating lube at the end of it but it...
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    Manual tire balancer

    Hey everybody - I saw a manual tire balancer at Harbor Freight and thought it was interesting. Does anybody have any experience with this? I am sure it doesn't compare to the normal balancers but I thought it might be interesting to use to "perfect" the balance on my tires.
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    How much do people spend to install a tire?

    Hey everybody, I am looking at local shops in my area to have my mastercraft tires put on the Equinox. I am getting quotes from 20-45 a tire (45!!) I was curious what people from around spend to get a tire mounted and balanced. My car doesn't have a TPMS so it wouldn't need to be programmed...
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    Mastercraft Strategy tires (I'm cheap)

    Anybody have an opinion on these? I was originally going to go with General tires but was able to get a really good deal on a set of Mastercraft Strategy tires. I know they are a subsidiary of Cooper and are generally considered a decent tire but nothing special. Not sure what people felt...
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    Need tire opinions

    Hey everybody. I had an earlier post asking opinions on if I should change my tires considering the conditions and I decided that I do need to replace my rubber. I am tight on cash and am looking for a cheaper tire that is still a decent quality. I also shopped around and my local walmart...
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    What is the typical life of a set of tires?

    Hey everybody. I know this is a broad question but I have a set of Hankook H727s that still have great tread but I am noticing small cracks in the pockets of the treads and the tires are roughly 6 years old. They have roughly 50k on them (100k is the tread life warranty.) I know without...
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    GMC Terrain Reviews?

    Hey everybody - my wife and I just recently purcahsed a 2015 GMC Terrain 4 cylinder with AWD. So far we are really liking this vehicle but I was wondering what reviews people have on this vehicle in terms of maintenance, relibability etc?
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    side to side shimmy while braking at highway speed

    I have noticed over the past few months that when I apply a heavier brake at highway speeds that my equinox will vibrate and almost feel like it is shimmying from side to side. It doesn't do this at lower speeds and doesn't happen every time at highway speeds either. I replaced my brakes...
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    Aprox cost of roadforce balancing

    Hey everybody. Does anybody know an aprox. cost to have a car road foce balanced? I have gone down the list of possibilities and traditional balancing doesn't seem to be working for one of my tires. I wasnt sure the price range per tire (don't want to be shocked when I get it done.)
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    Best brand of aftermarket wheel bearings?

    My Equinox is whirring and I figured out it was the front wheel bearing. I ended up ordering the OEM part over aftermarket but was curious what the BITOGers think about aftermarket wheel bearings. I did some googling and heard that the Delcos are rebadged timkens. Is that true?