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    Bought life insurance lately?

    I'm in the market for another twenty-year term life insurance policy, and though I didn't expect it to be cheap at my age (64), I'm really surprised at the prices, even from the on-line offerings. Any tips on good companies or tricks when applying? Your experiences?
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    One oil...two cars?

    I've purchased two new cars this year and would like to see twenty years out of both. My wife has a Honda CRV (4 cylinder) that recommends 0-20, and mine is a Toyota Tacoma (6 cylinder, 4.0 L) that recommends 5-30. Both these vehicles will get severe service for the next year and a half until...
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    Swirl or wipe?

    It used to be that most car waxes always instructed you to swirl the wax as it was being applied and removed. I don't see a lot of that anymore, but instead merely a mention of wipe on and wipe off. Is there a difference? What am I missing if I wipe on/off a sealer or a wax?
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    Light polish and wax all-in-one?

    Trying to prepare two new car paint jobs for a Seattle winter. Both these cars spent a couple of weeks in the outdoors prior to delivery, and as a result, the paint feels contaminated and rough. I plan to nano scrub them both this weekend and finish with an as yet unknown product. Looking for...