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    Mint Mobile mini-review and discount

    I'm always looking for ways to save on my cellular bill. Since I own my own unlocked phones, I moved from AT&T post-paid to AT&T Prepaid several years back, which cut my bill in half. Recently, I began looking at other options again, and decided to switch to Mint Mobile a few weeks ago. This...
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    Can anyone ID these electrical components?

    I spotted these while leaving our elementary school gym after indoor soccer practice tonight and they piqued my interest, as I've never seen a setup like this. Can anyone tell me what this is for? It appears to all tie back to the sub-panel, but I couldn't trace the lines in the other...
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    Fram PH7317 - 9,100 miles - '15 Honda Fit

    This filter was on our '15 Fit for roughly 9,100 miles (Maintenance Minder indicated 15% when I changed it last weekend). It was in service for 7 months since September, so it went through fall and winter here in northern NJ. The oil was QSUD 0W-20 and cost was $3.77 from Walmart. I normally...
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    Trying to locate a specific filter

    Several years ago, before I frequented BITOG as often, I recall seeing a thread regarding a specific oil filter that seemed to be highly praised as being extremely robust in its construction. The photos that were posted (if memory serves me) showed a spin-on filter with unique looking media...