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    Slightly dented CVT warmer filter

    My HR-V has two CVT Filters, one underneath the oil pan and the other for the warmer underneath the hood. Planning on changing them both but the warmer filter has a slightly dented metal pillar. Other than that, it looks good. Can it still be used or should I get a replacement? Was ordered...
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    Fun order from Japan - PIAA Twin Power + Magnet Oil Filter

    The Fram XG7317 has been my go-to since day 1 of owning the Honda HR-V. The last two from Amazon had some bad quality control so the search began to find something similar. After doing some research, PIAA's Twin Power looked like a great choice. It has two elements inside, 20 micron and 10...
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    Fun order from Japan - PM2.5 cabin air filter & HVAC bacteria/mold inhibitor for my Honda HR-V

    Ordered the Bosch HEPA filter from rockauto thinking it'll help with my allergies. The airflow was so bad that the windows weren't able to defog in the winter which was a safety issue. After doing some research on high efficiency filters, I came across the Japanese company Mlitfilter. They...
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    Motul 300V 5W30, 3689 miles, 2016 Honda HR-V

    I've been experimenting with 300V in my HR-V. Posted back in March a UOA with 4229 miles (sample #3). It was newer stock of 300v and some commented the formulation changed or the lab made an error. I had some older stock to compare and here are the results. Seems like it behaved very...
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    Motul 300V 5W30, 4229 miles, 2016 Honda HR-V

    My mechanic had some 300V sitting around so I bought his stash, enough for two oil changes. VOA viscosity @ 100C is 11cSt so it seems like it thinned out with this interval. Since the car specs 0W-20, I assume the thinning shouldn't be an issue for the next interval.
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    FINAL UPDATE - Defective Fram Ultra? Missing ADBV leads to engine damage in 2018 Mazda6?

    Last month, there were two threads about a defective fram ultra filter for a mazda 2.5L. Due to bickering, both threads were locked...
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    UPDATE - Defective Fram Ultra? Missing ADBV leads to engine damage in 2018 Mazda6?

    Earlier this month, there was a thread about a defective fram ultra filter for a mazda 2.5L. Because of some bickering, the thread was locked. An update was posted on another forum so I thought y'all might be interested - Original thread...
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    Honda HR-V 72k mi, 4.4k mi OCI, Total Quartz INEO Long Life 0W-20

    UOA is in kilometers not miles. It also says direct injection but the R18 in the HRV is port injection. The maintenance minder showed 50% of the oil life remaining but I changed it after seeing the oil level over the maximum on the dipstick. This car does a ton of short tripping so I'm going...
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    Amsoil CVT, 6.9k mi OCI, 72.7k mi, Honda HR-V

    UOA is in kilometers not miles. Switched to Red Line CVT. Previous fill was Amsoil CVT. A ton of owners on the HRV forum are reporting transmission failure with mileage under 100k because the fluid isn't changed regularly and the belt fails. I'm going to keep changing it every 6 months from...
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    Ezypor Fuel Additive Dispenser

    Just wanted to share a cool product I recently purchased called the Ezypor. Price: $9.95 + shipping Many of us like to use fuel additives but if you're buying a gallon of Lucas or small bottles of Amsoil UCL, it's kind of hard to measure...
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    Valvoline Premium Blue Restore

    Is anyone able to decode this Valvoline date code? Found some oil at a great price and I can't figure it if it's stock from 2016 or 2012. I0916F5 1243
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    Honda HCF-2 CVT, 17398 miles, 2016 HR-V

    So I realized after my <a href="" target="_blank">last engine oil UOA</a> that my type of driving is considered severe service (cold weather + short trips) For this vehicle, the dealer first replaced the CVT fluid at 31,068...
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    Mobil 1 Annual Protection 0W20, 5,400miles, Honda HR-V 1.8L

    So my past UOA showed a 4% fuel dilution @ 9800miles - <a href="" target="_blank">LINK TO OLD ANALYSIS</a> This latest UOA shows a 4.8% fuel dilution @ 5400 miles...
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    Mobil 1 Annual Protection 0W20, 9,881miles, Honda HR-V 1.8L

    Here's the UOA for my 2016 Honda HR-V. I was planning on leaving the oil for another 10k but after seeing a 4% fuel dilution and high silicon levels, it'll be changed. Any ideas on why these levels are high? Oil Used: Mobile 1 AP 0W20 # of miles on oil: 9,881 # of months oil was used: 6...