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    Diesel booster 2249

    Has anyone ever heard of this product?
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    PCV valve in Toyota LC200 Diesel

    I have '20 Toyota LC200 4.5 L diesel engine and wondering it uses a PCV value. One guy said to me there is no pcv at all in diesel engine? so I am wondering if this is the case. Thanks
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    NO DPF nor EGR!!!!!!

    Hi all, I just found out that in KSA Toyota landcruiser has no DPF and no EGR due to problems that owners reported back in both 2018 and 2019 <a href=""...
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    Chemtech Fuel Additive

    Anyone uses or have used this OR if you recommend something better for my 2020 Toyota LC200 4.5 V8 Diesel Twin Turbo Thanks,
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    4.5 V8 diesel twin turbo

    Dear all, Which one of these available oils in the KSA market would be suitable for 5000KM ? (BTW, I am using OEM oil filters from Toyota) Here is the information about the oils: 1- <a href="" target="_blank">Fuchs</a> 2- <a...
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    2020 Toyota Land Cruiser twin turbo 4.5 litre V8 diesel advice

    I have quick questions as I am now relocated in the middle east (KSA) and bought new LC200 with diesel engine 4.5 L V8. Now my questions are: 1- Would you recommend using one of these available oils in the KSA market Rimula R6 M 15w40 orMobil Delvac MX 15w40? (BTW, I am using OEM oil filters...
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    1988 cadillac brougham oil disappearing

    Hi all, I noticed whenever I check the dipstick after ~200 miles, it shows that approximately 1 quart less. I don't drive that much since it sits on the garage most of its life. I did not notice any leak under the car. I usually change the oil once a year and I had to refill the oil every time...
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    09' Nissan Armada (MotoMaster APX)

    Hi all, I am looking to get tires for my Nissan Armada (265/70R18). Anyone know who makes MotoMaster APX? I heard that Cooper usually makes some tires for MotoMaster. I don't know this APX for sure.
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    1983 Toyota Cressida -- higher pitched whine

    Hi all, When I drove my car and speed was around 60, I noticed a pretty solid higher pitched whine coming from the rear of the car. The higher the speed, the higher the noise. I did changed the fluid bur there is nothing change in term of the sound. Any suggestion?
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    '14 Odyessy 70k - which grade 5w30 vs 20w50

    Hi all, Friend of mine, he lived in the middle east where the climate is very hot ranges between (28 to 50 C) all year. So, he asked me what type of oil he should use in '14 odyssey (70k miles). I told him to use 0w20 but he said this grade is not available in the market locally.
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    PP 5w30 vs. Synpow 5w30 vs. Napa syn 5w30

    PP 5w30 vs. Synpower 5w30 vs. Napa syn 5w30 vs. Castrol edge syn black bottle 5w30 I found all in the same price around ($26). What would you buy? Why? Can you also rank them from 1 (most likely to buy) to 4 (less likely to buy)
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    1988 Cadillac brougham - 307 c.u. - UOA

    Hello guys, I just want to share my oil analysis as I just received it from Black Stone lab. Note that I purchased the car last May (2016) and an oil change has been done without knowing what is oil nor its grade. As I rarely use the car, I put 2000 miles since I bought it last year. I decide...
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    1988 Cadillac brougham - Power Steering fluid

    Hi all, I checked the PS fluid in my brougham and I noticed that is brownish not pink as tranny fluid. So, I am wondering what is your recommendation for flushing and the type of oil I should use? I just purchased the car last year and I have no idea if PS fluid was flushed or not. The car...
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    Volvline Whtle Bottle (VWB) 5w30 vs. Rotella 10w40

    Hi all, I came across VWB 5w30 on local wally for $9.88 CAD. I am wondering if it will be very good oil for my 1988 Brougham. The following characteristics apply to my situation: - Using the car regularly once a week for short trip (~30 to 40 min) - Planning to have short OCI since I only put...
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    1988 Cadillac brougham - 307 c.u. olds - Rotella

    Hi all, I am wondering if I can use Rotella 10w30 dino or synthetic in 307 olds which has flat tappet cam? Over here, the weather gets so cold in the winter season (-21C to -30C). What do you think of running 10w30 for cold starts? Since I usually drive the car once a week and would like to...
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    2015 Honda Odyssey B3 service

    Hi all, I have 15' Odyssey with only (40K km) and the Maintenance Minder (MM)shows B3 service is needed soon. The question is that why B3 service is shown too soon???
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    Need your advice (Wrong filter)

    I accidentally ordered Wix filters for my Brougham 307 olds engine. Instead of ordering Wix 51045, I ordered Wix 51522. Here are the spec sheets for both filters: <a href=""...
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    '88 Caddy Brougham - dark oil + lifters noise

    Hi all, I just purchased the car last month and has 66k miles. I changed the engine oil recently and I drove the car ~300ish miles. While the car was sitting in my mechanic garage to do a tune up, he changed the engine oil as well. He said the oil so dark. I told him that I just changed the...
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    Myliftstand alternative jack stand

    I am looking for jack stands and I came across this product <a href="" target="_blank"></a> Does anyone know about it?
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    Rotella T

    Can I use Rotella in my cars?