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    Car about to sit for 11 days, fear of damage

    I have to go out-of-town for 11 days for work training, and I’m leaving my Camry parked at an airport parking garage. I don’t think I’ve ever let my car sit for longer than 4 days without being driven since I’ve gotten it. That being said, I’m worried rodents may get in the engine bay and chew...
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    3M Ceramic IR

    Anyone have their vehicle tinted with 3M Ceramic IR? Do you like it? I plan on getting my Camry tinted somewhere that uses that style of tint. I’m thinking 35% front and back.
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    PUP 0W-20 “Price Jump”

    Found out the price on PUP 0W-20 have increased. Absolutely ridiculous prices! Just bought a 5qt jug back in October for less than $25 on Amazon now it’s selling for over $45. Walmart is even worse, charging a totally outrageous $75 for a single 5qt jug! (Both online prices) I hope Pennzoil...
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    VVTi rattle

    My 2013 Camry has the typical 2AR-FE cold start rattle. The rattle lasts for only about one second and is only on a “real” cold start. Has been there since I got the car back in May 21’ when it had 109k miles, It now has 121k miles and the sound is still the same. Just curious if anyone else has...
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    Valvoline Extended Protection

    Anyone like using this oil? Just curious how it stacks up against PUP or Castrol EEP, as I plan on possibly using it in the future. Right now I’m going for PUP due to having more detergent in it than most other oils but haven’t heard much about Valvoline EP’s detergent package.