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    Experience with aftermarket tire pressure sensors?

    Hi, Anyone have experience with adding those aftermarket tire pressure sensors. They usually consists of a cap that goes on the value and solar power central unit that displays the pressure and sound an alarm for min and max. They often monitor temperature, too. 1. How accurate are they? 2. Is...
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    ISOBar expires after being swapped out

    I have an isobar 1B-6 that I probably purchased in the early to mid 90's. I think it was only rated for 3300 Joules and had only 6 outlets, but it was built like a tank with really thick metal. It was being use for my home entertainment center. Recently, I ran out of plugs and also worry that...
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    Surge Protectors and whole house surge protector

    Surge Protectors only last 2-3 years. That's a lot of strips to replace and a hassle since I have to date the strip and replace them at some interval. What if I install a whole house surge protector? Would those need replacing every couple of years? If I have one, would I still get surges coming...
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    How do you get dealers to handle intermittent issue under warranty

    So I purchased a 2018 Mazda 3. Recently, the backup camera start to flicker and then scroll up and down. The problem is intermittent, and I have no idea how to trigger it. I did save a video of it happening on my phone. I took it to the dealer, and they said they couldn't get it to happen. Even...
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    Should I look for different dealer for repairs

    So I need to go to the Mazda dealer for warranty repair because my backup camera is malfunctioning. While I am there I was planning to have the oil change and tire rotated. Annoyingly, the service guy said Mazda recommend that I have the throttle body clean. The car has only 10K on it... I...
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    Water drainage issue

    Recently, I got hit with two mega rainstorm, both of them seemed to have dump 4-5 inches of rain in a day. The biggest problem is that the rain was severe enough that it actually overloaded the gutters. Even with no gutter clogged, water actually spilled over the side of the gutter because it...
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    What are your experience with Chromebook

    I am trying to replace my mom's dead PC with a Chromebook or Chromebox. The chief reason is that I have been really unhappy with the stability of Windows update for the past year or so and want something that is easier to maintain. She is also a good candidate because she usually just use it to...
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    The Joy of supporting non-technical relatives

    My mom is so non-technical that she can't plug in a USB plug because it only goes in one direction. I have to support her computer problem even though I live at the other end of the country. To get around her various issues, I use google remote desktop to access her computers, and teamviewer to...
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    Testing out McKee 37 headlight coating

    Headlights lens are made out of plastic and eventually the UV will make them yellow under the sun. After about 9 years of service, the headlight has develop a yellowish tint. It's actually worse than it appears on the photo. For some reason, its barely noticable on the photo <img...
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    How to all-season UHP compare to a touring all-season?

    I notice that the tires on a Mazda 3 is a category call UHP. I am not that familiar with the term. I buy cars when the old one runs down. The last car I own was from 1999, so they must have added that term at some point after 1999. What can you tell me about the characteristic compare to a...
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    Fill oil filter at every oil change

    I was watching a video recently where the person suggest filling the filter with oil before putting it on because it reduce wear that can occur when you restart the car after an oil change. The idea is that you get some wear because the engine don't get oil until the filter fills with oil and...
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    Do synthetic lubricate better?

    I was reading an article where someone suggest switching to synthetic even if your car takes conventional. The author suggested that it was because synthetic lubricate better and have reduce friction. Is there any evidence to that? I thought synthetics last longer but I haven't heard that they...
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    Replacing themostat, radiator cap, and waterpump at a regular interval

    I was watching this video of some youtuber who suggest that we should considered replacing the radiator cap, thermostat, and water pump at some interval. He was suggesting that may be every 60K the radiator cap and thermostat should be replaced. The radiator cap because the seal breaks down and...
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    Upgrading as your car parts need replacements?

    Do you ever come up with a list of parts that you will upgrade as they need replacements? Have you considered improvements if they were swapped with better aftermarket parts? When people talk about mods, I often get things like getting a new exhaust, coil-overs, and turbo/super charger, etc...
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    Folks in the SF Bay Area, do you run all season or summer tires

    Part of my family have moved to the SF Bay Area. The area seems to be rather moderate weather. I notice that you can't even buy windshield wiper fluid with alcohol in it. Do you folks just run summer tires all the time? The temperature seems to rarely dip below 40 F. Paul
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    Brand loyalty

    My wife's family are Ford loyalist, they buy mostly Ford. My wife is a Subaru loyalist. My sister and her SO are Tesla loyalist. I however are loyal to no brand. From my point of view, brands are not like family or friends but are corporation that make money by selling me stuff. If they make...
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    Car reliability prediction

    How do you gauge reliability when you buy a car? In the past,l I have often purchased used vehicle. This often mean there was an existing track record I could look at at least for the years the vehicle was release. Consumer Report and JD power also report findings, but both are based on surveys...
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    Good places to buy tires?

    I usually get my tires at Sams Club. I have no complaints about the service, but they don't take appointments and seems to have a huge line and are understaffed. Their selection is rather limited. What I do like is their warranty. I have use them to rotate the tires and use them to replace a...
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    Why does my car schedule have a time interval for spark plug replacement

    I notice that my car manual said to replace spark plug every 60,000 miles or 60 months. Why would there be a time interval replacement schedule. Spark plugs are made of ceramic and metal. I don't see it going bad over time if you don't drive a lot of miles like tires. Paul
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    Does power steering fluid need changing?

    I notice that the maintenance schedule on 2011 Subaru outback said to inspect power steering fluid but it doesn't have a schedule to replace it like in items like brake fluid. Does power steering need replacing after a few years? Paul