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    Rental Review- 2020 Chevy Colorado

    I rented a vehicle to drive to Florida and spend some time in the gulf beaches. I reserved an intermediate sedan but in true Texas fashion, they upgraded me to a truck. A 2020 Chevy Colorado LT V6 crew cab, 4,995 miles when I received it. Overall it was a pleasant vehicle and if anyone is...
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    Techron and PEA

    Not too long ago there were some folks who seemed to think Techron CFSC no longer had PEA because they no longer mentioned it on the bottle. I picked up a couple bottles this morning of the 20oz size while they are on sale at Advance auto. There's a peel away sticker on the back that I'm sure...
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    Happy GF-6/SP day!

    Well it has been many years in the making because of all the delays, but today is the first official license day for the new oils. I hope to see them on store shelves soon. Is anyone expecting the retail prices to go up with the new specs? Oh and happy Friday!
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    208,000mi valve cover shot

    2008 Pontiac G5 2.2 Ecotec I changed the valve cover gasket today since it has been weeping for quite some time now (years). This vehicle sits around a lot now since it's a second vehicle. This is the first time the valve cover has been off the vehicle. I've used various brands of synthetic oil...