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    Cordless impact wrench

    Hey all, I've been window shopping for a impact gun, and Milwaukee's stubby 3/8 or 1/2 is on my list. I would mainly be using it to change tires (80-100 ft lbs). Recently been working on some suspension work, front end work. I'd borrow my friends DeWalt and it made life so easier. So would...
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    Outer tie rod question

    I've replaced my tie rods with OEM ones 2 years ago, on my 98 impreza l. After alignment I probably drove 2000 kms. It then sat for the 2 years until today. I did a bone head move and hit the top of the thread with a hammer, so it mushroomed a bit. I didn't notice until I put the knuckle back...
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    OEM or aftermarket, p1009 05 crv

    Hey bitogers, My 2005 Honda crv just flashed p1009 code. After searching, It comes down to the VTC solenoid. The OEM solenoid is $308cdn from Honda. RA has an NTK brand for $81cdn. Is it better to get oem variable valve timing components? Or aftermarket will be fine for now?
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    subaru front wheel bearings/hub

    Hey all, Does anyone know what the oem bearing is for subaru? Is it Koyo or NTN? RA has BCA WE60630 with NTN, and BECK/ARNLEY 0514012 which is koyo. Also is it a good idea to buy new hubs? or reuse old one if no pitting? Also my subaru is a 98 impreza, (press on bearing/hub) the axle was...
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    windshield sun shade

    Hey guys, My crv is always parked outdoors with no cover. So it gets uncomfortably hot in the summer months. (Im in the canadian prairies, so it gets 27-30C+ 2-3 months) I know weather tech and covercraft make a custom fit for my crv. I found another company, Heatshield, and they offer all...
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    Oil consumption

    Hey all, I have a 2005 honda crv, that doesn't leak oil. I change the oil every 8000 kms and I alternate btwn ST FS 5w20 and PP 5w20. In total as to date since owning the CRV i did 3 changes with ST and 3 changes with the PP. I have noticed every time I would use ST, the oil is 3/4 on the...
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    Air conditioning freon

    Hello, I have a general question regarding AC freon. My AC in my 05 CRV is cold as ice with the new condenser fan. I am in no need of a refill. I've seen some of those AC in a can refill, some good reviews on amazon. Noob/dumb question, What is the main difference btwn those refill cans vs...
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    Falken wildpeak trails

    Good afternoon, I'm due for tires on my 05 CRV. My initial choice is the Michelin CC2, but they are out of stock at Costco, and other local shops. Local shop recommended the Falken wildpeaks, it has the 3 snow flakes so I thought id do some research and ask for opinions. I drive 90% on paved...
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    moog parts, pregreased?

    Hi guys, I bought moog outer tie rods, and rear endlinks for my 05 crv. First time dealing with zerk fittings, are all grease compatible with whatever grease its packaged with? I was going to use this: canadian tire synthetic grease
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    Old toro lawnmower help

    Hi guys, I just purchased an old toro lawnmower from a garage sale for $30cdn. it's my first gas and self propelled lawnmower. The lawn mower starts fine and runs well, the self propel works. The tried searching what oil it uses but there are so many toro products. Seems the majority uses sae...
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    AC condenser fan

    Hi guys, I have a 2005 honda crv, and my condenser fan is not working. I tried hooking the connector to a 12v source and it will not spin. Can I still use the AC without my fan? Rockauto tyc brand will he delivered by friday, and it will be in the high 20s and 30 celcius here.
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    2005 Honda crv transmission fluid change

    Good afternoon, I am planning to do one drain and fill on my 2005 CRV, 158800 kms. The previous owner gave me a log book, and the transmission fluid was changed Aug 2017 123,221kms. I've already purchased 3x 1L honda dw bottles. The owners manual says to change at 96,000kms or 3 years, then...
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    Dent on oil filter

    Hi guys, I purchased 4 wix filters from rockauto few months back and I noticed a small dent on top of 1 of the filters. I'm curious if I should toss this out or the dent wont hinder performance?
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    2005 crv front brake squeal/grinding

    Hello, I changed the front pads and rotors on my 2005 honda crv using raybestos element3 rotors and pads from rockauto. I also purchased raybestos rubber boots and slide pins and installed them as well. So everything went well except the pads. The pads with the metal wear indicator were hard...
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    2005 honda crv coolant leak/heating issues

    Good morning bitogers! We have been experiencing extremely cold weathers past 3 weeks in Manitoba, avg high - 26C avg low -35C. I've notice a leak from the top of the radiator, most likely from the top hose hose connection. There are coolant splatter residue on the top hose, and down the fan...
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    new battery or try battery tender?

    Hi guys I have a 05 honda crv that has a group 51 battery. Currently it has a walmart ever start (non maxx), previous owner changed at 2017. The vehicle is parked outside all the time, used monday-friday to work, stop and go traffic 30mins commute. Now if it sits for 1 or 2 days in -30C the...
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    2005 honda crv oil leak

    Hey guys my 2005 honda crv has a slow oil leak on the passenger side. Ive read on honda forums the vtc solenoid is a common culprit. I purchased an OEM O-ring and it still leaked. I purchased a $20 Ultra power solenoid from rock auto and it seems to be working. I cleaned the side of the engine...
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    Oil with detergents

    Hey guys, I have a 2005 honda crv (150500KM) that I purchased from my father in law. He kept detailed log book for his maintenance. I've noticed there are a few oil changes were the interval is 7000kms, but the time was 2 years in between changes. The brand of oil is mixed, I guess he used...
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    05 jimmy or 05 crv

    hello all, I have a small dilemma on my hands. My father gifted me his spare 05 jimmy 2 months ago and I couldn't be more happier with it in the snow. Now my father in law is gifting his 05 crv to my wife, he is retired and drives a newer crv. They are both down sizing hence the free vehicles...
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    HM for 4.3L vortec

    Hey all long time lurker, I've been given a 2005 gmc jimmy from my dad, which sat for 5 years in his garage. With all the reading ive been doing the 4.3L is not a picky engine when it comes to oil. The suv has 164k kms (101k miles) and my dad always changed the oil at 4k with 5w-30 green quaker...