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    Homemade lube/protective Black Powder shooters

    Like the title says what is your homebrew. I looking more for what you actually use on the gun, not the bullet lube. Thanks
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    Fram ultra only at Walmart?

    I went to the fram site to look up an air filter for a 2019 frontier 4.0. The XGA 7440 shows up as an ultra and only at Walmart. I find it hard to believe only the fram ultra air filter can be bought at Walmart. Is it a regular filter with just the ultra name? I got it anyway.
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    2019 Frontier ATF matic S

    I am looking to do an ATF change. The engine bay says to use a matic -S fluid. Looks like about the only fluid in a gallon size with a "recommend" matic-S is Maxlife, I prefer not to use a high mileage fluid. I would like to use Castrol Transmax Full synthetic multi vehicle but can't find it...
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    Stand by generator fixed one problem then...

    I posted about the capacitors for a B&S 12kw standby gen. I changed them out and the voltage readings are correct now. Before it was shutting down in 3 seconds now it shuts down in about 10 seconds, But this time it gave me a code high oil temperature. I tried again same results. I touched the...
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    Standby generator capacitors

    I had a problem with a B/S 12k standby gen right after a hurricane. It would start up but only run for about 3 or so seconds .Today I jump the sol to keep it running long enough to take some readings. Readings at 180 volts instead of 240 but the hz was at 61. This told me the engine was running...
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    Echo EGi 4000 generator spark plug

    I just purchase a Echo EGi 4000 generator. I want to pick up a NGK plug for a spare. The ECHO spark plug number is YH 461000260. I tried web searching to no avail. It is the Chinese 212cc engine. I could pull the plug to see what it is but I was hoping to find the actual spark plug number on...
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    New generators with CO shutdown

    I see that just about all your portable generators are coming with CO shutdowns. I don't run my gens in the house nor run them close to the house. Do these shutdowns work the same as a low level shut down by grounding out your ignition coil? If I get a new gen I would leave as is but the first...
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    Mobil oil filter numbers

    I did a bone head mistake when I bought a M1 filter . Wanted a M1 110A but grabbed a M1 101A. After 1/2 hour of I can't get this filter on I figured out yes I bought the wrong filter. The sad part is I did have the right numbers in the Notes on phone.
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    Home made Ballistol

    Any one has a recipe for making their own Ballistol? I use the stuff for black powder shooting and do find it does a good job. I do have some water solvent cutting oil from NAPA and use it cut with water for cleaning bp but Ballistol is better.
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    Always check for double gaskets on install.

    I have been changing my own oil for 50 years or so. For the first 25 years or so just used the cheapest filter I could get, Did not use fram. Past 25 years always used ac/delco on my chevy trucks. Got a Frontier for the past year. I did 4 oil changes on it. Factory filter, then one wix filter...
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    Hitachi CG22EASSLP

    I have a Hitachi CG22EASSLP string cutter. Light weight , was running good, great for reaching down the bank of the pond. Last year it was giving me problems starting and stay running. Decided to give it a rest and bought a battery trimmer. Battery trimmer works great but I find it is a little...
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    oil extractors manual type

    I have a bunch of small air cool engines and don't care to flip them to change the oil. What is the choice of the users here for a hand pump to extract oil?
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    toro super recycler

    I did purchase the Toro Super Recycler 163cc B&S from Home Depot. So far so good. No tools needed to set up straight out the box. I did use the whole 18 oz oil bottle which gave it about a 1/4" above the full mark.It was a Toro branded oil in 30wt, sj spec if I remember correct. I filled it up...
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    2020 Honda CRV

    The wife unit is looking for a small SUV. She is leaning towards the Honda CRV. Now I am doing the research on this car and see it now only comes with the 1.5 turbo. Also it has the variable transmission. I had read of past issues with the 1.5 and fuel dilutions in oil. Did Honda fisx this...
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    Long Term Storage

    I need a good metal protection for long term storage. I prefer an oil type over a grease. What would be a good choice for something I can pick up at an auto parts store or walmart.
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    Stens 120-738 hydro filter

    I am going to change the transmission oil in the zero turn. It has the Hydro Gear ZT 3400 transmission. Hydro Gear 52114 is the filter number. I was going with them for the filter but some of my research says their filter is made in China. I don't mind paying more for an OEM filter if made in...
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    toro super recycler with b&s engine HomeDepot

    I was in homedepot and as I past by the lawnmowers I saw a Toro Super Recycler. I did not know HD sold the super toros. The other thing caught my eye was the $499.99 price tag. It came with a 163 B&S engine. I need a new lawn mower come this early spring. Maybe the mower for me.
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    Need new push mower

    I need a new trim mower. I cut about 2.5 acres with a z turn then do trimming with the push mower. I am thinking of just a staight up large rear wheel push mover. I do need to cut a pond bank where I will be going back and forth a lot. The lighter the mower the better. Wished I could get a new...
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    Eco Plug oil drain plug

    <a href="" target="_blank">https:/<wbr>/<wbr><wbr>10mm-14mm-magnetic-oil-drain-plug/<wbr></a> I have an old Yanmar tractor and the oil pan is stripped. It does not leak but you can not tighten it. Just a little...
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    Nissan 15208 9E01A oil filter

    I have a 2019 Nissan Frontier with the 4.0 V6 engine. I was looking for the specs for 15208 9E01A oil filter which I could not find. Seems here it is believed to be a good filter. Anyway during my search this filter is also used on the R35GTR and 370Z. I just find it odd same filter for the...