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    Amazon Basics 0W-40 Euro 5-qt $6.72 @ AMZ limit 6 Free shipping over $25 or with Prime, you know that.
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    After 180K miles and 18 years, I solved my WJ Jeep's cold shift flare. It took 5 minutes.

    You can probably tell that this really annoys me. Vehicle is a 99 Grand Cherokee 4.0 with the 42RE transmission. It has always had a 1-2 shift flare when cold where it would shift out of 1st into neutral and it would take about 5-15 seconds before it would shift into 2nd. Sometimes it would...
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    Where do you recommend to buy headliner fabric?

    While the car is waiting for a suitable donor vehicle to appear at the local junkyard for its differential, I'm going to replace the headliner. I have removed most of the attachment points and just need to remove the pillars to get the board out. Do you have recommendations as to where to buy...
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    Carquest Blue (Black) 84145 7.4K 31 months

    I don't think you'll find many of these left. Champs-made black CQ Blue bought in 2016. The silicone valve was still so soft. No tears though it didn't have the straightest filtering media. It had robust gluing at all edges and the seam. 7400-ish miles. This was the 3rd oil change since the car...
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    Did QSUD new 2016 bottle style come with black caps?

    As I was doing my daily admiration of my glorious & magnificent stockpile of automotive lubricants, I noticed I have a 5 qt jug of QSUD bottled in Nov-2016. I have other QS oils made around the same time and same container style with QSAD line having black caps, HM line with red caps, and the...
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    99 WJ, Axle seals leaking, keep adding gear oil or fix the problem?

    What would you do? 99 WJ Jeep GC 4.0. Both rear axle seals have been leaky for years but the rate seems to have increased to about a loss of 1 qt/year (10K miles). The oil stops at the diff-side back plate of the rotors but doesn't contaminate the rotors/brake pads. I don't mind putting in...
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    Clutch kit: Luk or Valeo?

    I'm getting ready to replace the clutch, flywheel, and rear main seal on my vehicle. 00 v6 mustang. The stock clutch is so far at 132K miles and the clutch itself still grabs fine, and passes slip tests outline in the factory service manual. However, it's shuddering during take off from stop...
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    Purolator One PL20195 2800 miles/1 year

    This one looks good! Really good. A generous amount of pleats, decent spacing near the seam, and it held up fine! Silicone was soft. If you had the un-resized picture of the 2nd pic, you can see a small fracture line of the glue along the top side of the two pleats closest to the seam but I...
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    Walmart's Bosch Distance Plus, can you spot holes?

    Anyway, I went to Walmart and decided to see if they still had any clearance Bosch filters. They did! D3422 (PH3600-type). I bought the last 3. Only look at the bright areas, it's hard to take a representative picture because of shadows. Can you spot the holes? #1 <img...
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    Purolator Red/Classic L14477, 968 mi 1 mo cut open

    This one didn't do very well... the media was torn 3 out of the 4 corners closest to the seam. I can't tell if it tore completely through but it was definitely, at least, in the process of being torn worse. In the pictures, some of the things caught in the media were from my dirty drain pan and...
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    Purolator Pure One PL14670, 2851 Mi, 6-mo cut open

    This was on the 99 Jeep GC 4.0L right before the Classic was put on. It had new 5 qts QSUD 10W30 and 1 qt QSGB 10W30. I kept the oil in with a new filter. It held up fine, no tears that I could see. Silicone ADBV was still soft and there had not been any upstart ticks. Wavy media throughout...
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    Purolator Classic L14670, 90 Mi, 5 days cut open

    This one came off of a Jeep 99 GC 4.0L after just a week because of start-up tick. I didn't take a picture before I had it apart but it was because the ADBV was off center and didn't seal. No holes in the ADBV but the inlet holes were sharp and left an imprint but it didn't cut the rubber. On...
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    Toyota 90915-YZZF1, 2031 miles, 2 months cut open

    This came off of a 06 RAV4 I4 2AZ-FE after getting new pistons + rings. This was interesting that it didn't have endcaps and was more like a cartridge-style filter in a spin-on can. Apologies for the picture quality - taken from a 4-year old Nexus 4. <img src=""...