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    Fixing Bad Catalytic Converters With P0420

    <div class="ubbcode-block"><div class="ubbcode-header">Originally Posted By: L_Sludger</div><div class="ubbcode-body">A good fix for P0420 is a couple of spark plug anti-foulers screwed into the post-cat O2 sensor bung, with the O2 sensor screwed in at the end. </div></div> Didn't work for me...
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    Radiator pressure

    I've been doing maintenance on a buddys '07 explorer with the v6. I went to check the radiator and it had a lot of pressure after loosening the cap. This was after it sat overnight. I changed to coolant so I've been trying to purge the air, but it won't draw from the expansion tank. Sound...
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    injector cleaning.

    Does anybody know of a good fuel injector cleaning service? I need to have the 8 done on my 8.2L in my boat from 1998. I've never had any cleaned before.
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    Properly gapping plugs

    I just purchased new plugs for my 502 and the spec is .045. The plugs come gaped around .03. When I enlarge the gap by bending the rear of the ground, the surfaces are no longer parallel. Is there a way to properly gap these? Take a look at the pictures below. I'm just using a standard...
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    Are Monroe shocks any good?

    I have the cheap yellow monroe shocks on my van right now and they are fine. With that said, I wouldn't put them on anything but a junker. They do bounce a lot. I went with monroe sensatrac (black) on my explorer and they are excellent for road driving. No idea about off road. Couldn't be...
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    Trailer hub paint

    This really isn't a boat lubrication question but I didn't know where else to put it. I'm replacing the hubs on my boat trailer that will see constant saltwater use, and I was wondering if there is some kind of paint I could put on them to help with corrosion? The only options on the hubs...
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    Is 5K on conventional a waste?

    That ng can go 10k easy. I'd probably run it 2 ocis or 7.5k on the oil/filter if you know the motors are clean. EDIT: These aren't diesel trucks are they?
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    transmission whine in gear HELP

    Update: Well she bit the dust this morning. Went to leave for work and had to turn around in the street so forward a little, reverse a little, put it back in drive and nothing. Would not move with plenty of gas. Guess I'm just happy it happened at home. Would you guys say now it's probably...
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    transmission whine in gear HELP

    Well thank you for the help guys but after a fluid/filter change, the whine is still there. One thing I did notice is there is certainly a leak coming from the bell housing and it's covered everything with dirt now. I can't tell if it's oil or trans fluid since dirt has gotten in it but I'll...
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    transmission whine in gear HELP

    I converted it to mp3. Maybe more compatible. I took it with my phone so it's bad quality anyway. <a href="" target="_blank"></a>...
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    transmission whine in gear HELP

    This past week, the transmission in my explorer has started whining/groaning when in gear. It's a 5r55e auto. The noise stops completely when in neutral/park. While in gear, it gets worse with engine revs. I'm leaning to the converter but I wanted to get everybody else's opinion. The fluid...
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    100GB FREE cloud storage

    LOL 2500 people in 1hr, better hurry up people! I have no idea how many have already gotten to use the service, or when it will be ready. It's just the best I've seen so far for free. I assume it's lifetime?
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    100GB FREE cloud storage

    Found this deal on free 100GB cloud storage. Pretty good deal if you ask me. It's 100GB free for the first million people but you can't start using it right away. I have 75k people in front of me in line. Sign up if you can use it! <a href=""...
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    Winter Wonderland in March

    We just got about 1/2". So exciting!
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    I think I may have a problem...

    I don't see a problem at all. Very neatly organized too! As long as they were on sale.
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    Awakening of spring....

    Purdy. What camera and lens?
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    Light fixture ratings for CFL vs incandescent

    I too bought a fixture like this and don't know. I just wanted to show you this beauty. They have them locally where I live and I've always wanted one. It's bigger than my head. <a href=""...
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    Mobil 1 container size

    I personally won't buy oil if it's not in 5qts because I hate having extra bottles. I will however buy 4qt transmission jugs and diesel oil jugs, since that's how they come.
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    what mileage point is an Engine fully broken in

    Omg, just don't take it to the track and you'll be fine.
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    Michelin tires cracking?

    Ok well thanks for all the advice guys. I'm not as worried but I think I'll still see what they say. I'm up for a rotation again now anyway so I'll post back with the results. I've never used any products on the tires, and never washed the van lol. I just don't care about it. We just use...