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    First new vehicle purchase

    Never thought I’d see the day when I bought a brand new vehicle. Never thought I’d be ok with paying (almost)msrp but here we are! Needed a vehicle that would fit the whole family and our Explorer only had 6 seats. So with baby number 5 on the way it was mini van time. 2022 Chrysler Pacifica...
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    Finding things on the road….etiquette

    When you see things of value laying on the side of the road or in an intersection do you pick them up? If so do you keep them, ask around a bit then keep them, post to social media or take to City Hall or other lost and found? I’ve found plenty of things over the years. I think it’s usually...
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    New wheels

    Went from the stock XLT chromes to the 15-17 Sport appearance package machined aluminum and black. Decided I’m probably keeping this truck a few more years with how gas prices are and how little it’s driven now. So I thought I’d change it up a bit and the price was right at $200 for the set.
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    Toolbox Bottom drawer clean out

    New old stock parts still in packages. See something you know you need just make an offer. Want it all? I’d like $80, that includes the cost of shipping.
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    $25 Napa online gift card with Pennzoil Platinum 10 quart purchase
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    Dayco timing belt water pump kit

    WP199K1A is the part number was purchased for a Toyota Camry but the car was totaled before the kit was installed. Asking $60 and shipping is included for that price. Prefer pay pal goods and services for payment.
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    Our monthly floor Jack thread

    Looking to buy a floor jack. It will be for small jobs and home use only; tire rotations, brake work and checking front end components for play during an oil change. Any larger jobs will go to the shop where the majority of my tools already are. Needs to be able to handle compact cars up to a...
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    Pennzoil black label vs Supertech’s offerings

    I’ve always leaned towards using Shell products mostly because I’ve never had any reason to switch. I’ve been using RGT in the vehicles I service but my stash is starting to run low and it has become unavailable locally. The marketing for the new PFS is not exactly confidence inspiring as they...
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    Prestone AMAM vs Supertech

    From the web searching I’ve done it appears that Prestone makes Supertech coolant. From what I’ve found the two formulas do look different as the Prestone shows to have phosphates as part of their cor guard additive package. Also the Prestone is advertised as a ten year coolant and the Supertech...
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    Castrol transmax universal atf

    This weekend I changed the transmission fluid in 2017 Explorer Sport that calls for Mercon LV. Checked local WalMart stock online they showed to have 7 quarts of SuperTech LV/dex 6 in stock. Get there and none left in stock. So I ended up purchasing the Castrol Transmax universal fluid...
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    No suspension for Chiefs lineman

    Am I the only one following the NFL that is shocked Chris Jones is going to be allowed to play in the Super Bowl? He was suspended in 2018 for punching an opposing player and then did it again against Buffalo in the AFC championship game this past Sunday. I would have expected the league to...
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    Help with a body shop issue

    So last month I hit a deer. I have full coverage insurance with progressive(my first mistake). So I send in pictures through the app. They review the pictures with an instant estimate. I immediately call because the instant estimate appears way off. They tell me they do not send out adjusters...
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    Toyota Sienna

    Looking into a mini van as my family is just outgrowing the wife's Ford Edge. The Edge has been a spectacular vehicle for us but two rear facing car seats and a booster are not going to fit comfortably in the back. Had considered a Chrysler Pacifica but it seems like everyone I've talked to that...
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    Would you leave a dealership for an independent shop?

    I have a job oppurtunity that has been weighing on me heavily for the past few months. I figured the anonymity of the internet would let me be more specific about it than I can be with friends or family. So here goes! I’ve been an automotive dealership employee for about 13 years off and on...
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    Mobil 1 vs Fran Ultra oil filters

    Both are available and similarly priced at WalMart. Which would you choose and why?
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    235 45R18

    Looking for tires for a Ford Fusion. Mixed driving in Missouri weather so we see all 4 seasons and heavy rain at times. Here are the options I'm looking at: Continental Pure Contact. 70k treadwear warranty. Made in USA. Great reviews especially for wet and dry handling. My personal experience...
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    FVP batteries

    Anyone know who makes them? We've used them at work as a cheaper alternative to Motorcraft in the past. I've even used them in a personal vehicle with decent results. <a href=""...
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    Good drill bits for drilling steel

    <a href="" target="_blank"></a> Looking for a good set of drill bits for drilling steel. My DeWalt Cobalt(probably Cobalt coated) have worked great for me in thin steel, soft metal or wood but just...
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    Bought a new(to me) chainsaw

    This Sunday I went to pick up an 036 I found on Craigslist for a decent price. When I got there the guy had a shop full of saws he'd repaired and was reselling. I ended up with an MS362 that looked nearly new. I still prefer the look of the classic 0-series Stihl saws but they're all getting...
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    Stretch belt installation tool

    Looking to buy a stretch belt installation tool. The ones I'm looking at are the Lisle, PBT and OEM brands. The PBT and OEM are the same design but OEM is fiberglass instead of aluminum. The Lisle looks well made but appears to be the largest so I could see fitment into tight places being an...