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    Any reason not to use Ultra for 5k

    I am a fan of running multiple OCIs on a filter as long as you have a good running vehicle. There is the matter of fewer opportunities for issues (bad seal, etc) as well as less mess and waste associated with filter changes. I use an oversized filter (XG8A) on my Tacoma & TJ, but even without...
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    Upgrading to a more efficient truck

    I have a 2010 2.7 4wd Taco with a 5spd manual. I have the 4 leaf rear leafs from the TSB and use slightly oversized LT tires. I have a lifetime 22mpg average on something over 210k miles. All synthetic lubes. I have towed a Camry on a dolly 550miles and gotten a little under 15mpg. I have put a...
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    Best Inline-6 ever made?

    Might want to try a Wrangler fan clutch as well. It bolts on the same and gives a little extra cooling for extra margin. Also use a Scangauge or similar to monitor real-time since the dash gauge doesn’t track with temp very well.
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    Low Cost Folding Knives

    I was a fan of SanRenMu knives for a while, but got tired of the mediocre blade steel. My latest carry knives are D2 blades from Jiaheng with the Axis lock. They are bigger than the SanRenMu knives I had before, but D2 really cuts well ifyou can avoid chipping the edge. I like the action of...
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    There Will Be Blood – Peter Mertens, Former Head of Audi R&D: “We All Did Sleep”

    Tesla is the internet around the time of the dotcom bubble...Not making money but everyone seeing the potential. If/When they have a safe, reliable car with decent range for $20k they will be a threat to the industry. Otherwise it is just one more player in the luxury auto market. If...
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    Best entry level riding mower

    Get a used one in good condition off Craigslist or Facebook Marketplace. I prefer one with hydrostatic and a fairly tight turning radius if there are corners or obstacles.
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    Timing Belt Change Intervals

    On an interference engine it probably isnt worth squeezing an extra year out of it unless the car is at the point of diminishing returns.
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    Move car w/ NO coolant?

    No problem. Your car won't get anywhere near up to temperature in the 30sec you have it running. If you have a left-hand drillbit, drill slowly into the plug and allow it to grab and back the plug out.
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    Roasts: what kind do you folks buy?

    Go with a chuck roast. Aldi has an Angus Chuck roast pretty consistently for $4-4.50/pound that is vacuum packed that is my current go-to. If a supermarket has a sale for less I will hit that too. Half a bottle of cheap red wine, a bag of Liptons Onion Soup Mix, a can or two of cream of...
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    Tires or Toyota ABS

    My Tacoma came with factory Dunlops that were terrible in the Dry and Wet, but were dangerous in snow. The lack of traction combined with sensitive ABS would make me not stop at all. I had to leave the truck in gear and just idle up to stop signs. I left them on for a few years but I would pull...
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    Making Roundnose Perform Better?

    In my carry class we were told to carry hollow points and in court explain them as expanding point ammo to make sure the bullet did not penetrate and hit unintended targets.
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    What's the advantage of 5W & 10W over 0W?

    There are a couple of factors to consider with your post. Motorcycles with wet clutches (clutches that share oil with the engine) don't do well with oils that have friction modifiers typically found in 0W & 5W oils. They can cause the clutch to slip prematurely. That is why motorcycle-rated...
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    Bleeding brakes by yourself?

    I have had Speed Bleeders on my vehicles for years. Never had a problem.
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    Knife for a gift?

    I would consider a Sebenza. The small one makes a great EDC. I am rough on knives and need one-handed opening so I always carry an Axis-lock knife with a deep-carry clip like Benchmade. I am a big fan of D2 as an EDC blade steel. Cuts great. Not exotic.
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    Mattress shopping .....

    I got a foam mattress last summer and it is great. It is not memory foam, because they sleep a little hot. They definitely have a different feel than coil spring, much more of a floating feeling. I bought my King Sized one for about $300 on Amazon and have gotten a full sized one for my...
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    Fumoto drain valve-a few concerns

    I have never had an issue with one leaking. I would recommend only using one if the location is well protected from road debris. I have had one on my Tacoma since new (almost 150k) and on our XJ Cherokee for about 40k They do take a little longer to drain, but I just walk away and come back...
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    Teacher pay in Tennessee

    Basically teachers in Knoxville work from the beginning of August until the end of May if you don’t count prep and cleanup of their rooms and any additional training. Call it 10 months. It is also increasingly political. Excellence is not rewarded because of the inherent socialistic way the...
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    10w30 in the summer and 5w30 in the winter WHY

    I have a slight weep at the rear main seal on my 4.0 XJ. I like the higher weight to reduce the week as well as avoiding shear. I tend to use the cheapest synthetic xW30 or xW40 I can find and change out at 5k. The 4.0 runs pretty hot so can sludge oil. I also use a Fram Ultra XG8A oversized...
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    Why is oil at Walmart so cheap?

    15 Years ago parts stores not only were competitive on prices, but also had people who knew what they were talking about behind the counter. Now that is the exception rather than the rule. With the changes in cars and the shift away from DIY maintenance, the stores don’t move as many parts in...
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    Oil Recommendation - 1999 Jeep Wrangler 4.0

    I am assuming you have the 4.0 They run hot. Get a Scangauge or Ultragauge to really monitor water temp. Dash gauges lie above 210F. Make sure the cooling system is healthy and the coolant is good. Overheating will crack the head and/or head gasket. I run pretty much any synthetic XW30 or XW40...