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    Redline Professional Series 5w20

    This might be 0w20, don't know for sure but it was labeled 5w20. I am posting for Corey, maybe he will shed light if that was a typo. In my experience Blackstone is very good. <img src=""...
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    Long Term Hemi Redline 5w30 vs PUP 0w40

    I post this for a friend, you see the one PUP run with low miles, I do believe that was a mix PUP 0w40/5w30, don't remember the mix rate. For Hemi's this wear is as good as it gets. <img src=""...
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    Redline sI-1 boroscoped I week later!

    Didn't see this posted in forum so I thought I'd post it. This was the first time posting anything about sI-1 for me, man this stuff worked incredible on a 250k mile engine and one week with one bottle. I can only imagine how clean they will be with regular use. Um yeah redline has something...
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    Cheap Redline 5w30

    <a href="" target="_blank">redline less then 10 a qrt</a> Had to wait til I got it to make sure, but yes this is the right...
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    Is Redline Euro Series Ultimate DI Turbo oil?

    Anyone know the moly level? If it is high moly, ester based and low calcium wouldn't that be a good formula to guard against lspi? This is their communication to me about euro, happens to be on sale right now jegs for 9.20 a qrt many weights euto formula.. Burla, Thank you for contacting Red...
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    gf-5 oils lacking when it comes to lspi??

    <a href="" target="_blank">infimium</a> look at graph, lower phos then gf-5 allows nearly zero lspi... Infineum increased the phosphorus level from 0.05% to 0.19% in the test oil. ZDDP has an exponential decrease...
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    Why did we close the book on Cams and Zinc?

    <a href="" target="_blank">Older cars and the need for Zinc</a> So we see more and more applications having "issues" such as cams in the hemi, bearings in the eco deisel, rocker arms failing due to...
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    Good lubrication and still Hemi's are failing.

    This guys EXPERT opinion is it is the needle bearings on the lifters. So literally every shop knows about the hemi failure rates. of course keyboard warriors just kick back and say hemi's are great hemi's are great, but the fact is they fail at a huge rate. Guys with hemi's need to look at...
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    Pictures of mos2 needed

    Are there any pics of mos2 in use here? As in something tore down and a film was on the equipment? thanks in advance
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    Redline goes api sn+

    <a href="" target="_blank">redline lspi friendly oil</a> Well there goes the neighborhood, but I do not know moly levels. If they are high, that would be a pretty good choice for an lspi quenching oil with the mix pao/III basestock.
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    How much is a million parts of engine oil?

    So we see additives 60ppm etc, well how much of a quart of engine oil is 1,000,000 parts? Or in other words, how many million parts are in a quart of oil? Does anyone know, and if so thank you. Let's say we wanted to boost an straight additive to an oil formulation, for example moly, how much...
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    Definition of boutique

    <a href="" target="_blank">definition</a> : a small company that offers highly specialized services or products So if you buy "boutique" oil, what exactly about the FORMULA makes it specialized over the conglomerates that based on size alone...
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    Dave from Redline explained Calcium levels... C+, d6, d4

    Burla, Thank you for contacting Red Line Oil, the TBN and TAN for the D4ATF and C+ATF are 1.29 The calcium in the D4ATF and C+ATF are 255ppm, the D6ATF is 185. The calcium in the ATF's isn't TBN calcium but is detergent calcium. The only increase of the acid number in an ATF would occur due to...
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    2011+ Ram and other RFE owners delete ATF heater

    Watch the video, look under your chrysler rfe and see if you have the thermal bypass block, if so get it off there. You can delete w/o the $100 valve, but that makes it easy. Now that these vehicles are getting old, this is killing atf4 by bypassing your cooler. These blocks are now failing...
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    RP filter review

    <div class="video-container"><iframe frameborder="0" width="640" height="360" src="" allowfullscreen></iframe></div>
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    Why use Redline and Redline Clone oils...

    It's nice some oil companies educate you to their base oils instead of hiding what they are made of? This explains why engines run quieter and hemi tick is being ended. <a href="" target="_blank">video of redline base stocks</a>
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    One uoa good results 30 versus 20 weight

    I don't know if the guy will post it here and no I'm not cherry picking, this is the first multiple runs uoa with an engine that is broken in that I have seen over on another website, yes hemi's are high wear engines get that out of the way first. 4 uoa's, last one 30 weight then 2 20 weight...
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    Toyota Pink + RMI-25 10 years

    Right is 10 years on toyota super long life coolant plus RMI-25, as you see the rmi25 turns it orange (yellow plus red or pink = orange). The middle was second flush, I was pretty happy with how it looked, and I have no doubt a third flush isn't necessary, mind you what is in there now was fresh...
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    Chrysler HOAT at 9 years...

    9 years of use in a Ram factory fill, gonna do a series of flushes to try and get it back to that factory orange. I couldn't get bottom block bolt off and opted to not take off hoses, so I am doing a series of quick flushes. Poor choice in soda on this da, ha. I checked this fluid at 5 years...
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    Low Noack plus Low HTHS??

    How can an oil brand have low noack and low hths w/o that being a feature of the base oil? Since both are high heat tests would you either expect good numbers in both, or bad numbers in both, not split? Unless you achieve a low NOACK with some type of additive other then base oil? Good...