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    Best 1911 deal around, Springfield Defender

    I sold all my 1911's years ago as I had no use for them. Don't think they are good defensive use guns, they are heavy, and low capacity. That being said, I had a hole in my collection when I sold them all off. Enter the Springfield Armory defender 1911. It's basically their basic milspec model...
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    KelTec Sub2000, the new backpack gun

    I have owned a KelTec Sub 2000 for years. I own the very old first gen, 3rd gen Smith and Wesson magazines, model. (Currently has the mag catch to take Sig P226 magazines). I never really warmed up to the first gen model. Probably because the front sight doesn't appear all that durable and is...
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    new SuperTech full syn 10W30 ATV JASO MA2

    Saw a new oil at my local Wal-Mart. SuperTech full synthetic 10W30 ATV oil. Rated SL and JASO MA2. $5.67 a quart. Should be a decent lawn mower oil, motorcycle oil, and ATV oil. <img src="" alt="[Linked Image]" class="post-image"...
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    new small Diesel Chevrolet Cruze?

    Wife wants a new commuter car (120 miles per day commute) Car shopping for something new. Saw that GM now has a small diesel that gets 47 MPG highway in the Cruze, and perhaps some of their other cars. Does anyone know anything about this diesel engine or have any experience with it? Recalls...
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    2018 Dodge 3.6L calls for 5W20, while same Chrysler engine calls for 0W20

    I have a 2017 Pacifica with the 3.6L engine. It calls for 0W20 oil in the manual, and nothing else. My car has been at the dealer for a couple days getting the recall repairs done. They gave me a 2018 Dodge Town & Country 3.6L rental until they finish my car. I checked the oil in the Dodge and...
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    New Springfield XDM 10MM

    10MM fans will be excited... Springfield Arms is releasing two new 10MM XDM handguns on 10/10. They have a teaser picture on their website , and distributors already releasing pictures of the guns.
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    Picked up a new Glock 45

    So Glock released the brand new Glock 45 a few days ago. My gun store posted today that they got some in. I went and snatched one up for $539. THIS is the Glock I have been waiting for. I HATE finger grooves. And the 19 slide on the 17 frame, while wierd at first, just makes sense in your hands...
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    Glock has new 24 rd magazine in 9mm

    Just a heads up for you Glock fans, they just released a brand new 24 rd magazine for 9mm guns. I bought 4 and they are pretty nice. Good mid size between the standard 17 rd magazine and the humongous 33 rd magazines. Glock sku 39385. Botach had the best price including shipping that I could...
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    Oreillys auto parts - EXPENSIVE

    They just built a new Oreillys auto parts in my town. Been open for a month or two now. Always DEAD, with no cars in the parking lot ever. Like one car in the lot max. Stopped in there today to look around and noticed some pretty expensive pricing. Seems to be more than Autozone and Advance...
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    Remington Tac 14 870 with 14 inch barrel

    Just bought one of those Tac 14 Remington 870 with the 14 inch barrel. No NFA paperwork or tax stamp. Pretty cool gun to tinker with. The model I bought comes with a one shot extension from the factory and a stabilizing brace, so has 5+1 instead of the 4+1 of the regular Tac 14. Its the...
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    John Deere 30 second easy change oil system

    Was at Home Depot yesterday, looked under the hood of a 100 series John Deere mower. It had the "John Deere Easy Change™ 30-Second Oil Change System" installed, which means you just change the filter every 50 hours. The new filter comes with oil pre-installed, so you just change the oil filter...
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    Dash cam - driver stops on highway for birds

    This is dash camera footage I took today. 55 mph highway, a bunch of people behind me, and this idiot comes to a sudden complete panic stop in front of me in the middle of the road to let some birds cross the street. I screeched to a stop, looked in my rear view mirror and saw people swerving...
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    Help identify oil filter 3.6L Chrysler

    I just changed the oil in my new to me 2017 Chrysler Pacifica at 8k miles. There was a sticker on the windshield that the oil was changed at 3k miles at a Toyota dealership. The oil filter I removed said made in South Korea and had a possible part number of CG1 or P00539. My google foo isn’t too...
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    Bought a new Glock 19X

    So I stopped in to my local gun store to browse yesterday. Was not going to buy anything, was there to browse and just look around. I saw the Glock 19X in the case. I had NO interest in this gun, but I asked the clerk to see the gun. I've been a long time Glock fan. Ive owned a ton of them...
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    Best budget desktop under $500

    Can anyone recommend a budget desktop under $500 or close that is a best buy? No gaming, just email, web content, and YouTube videos. My 8 year old Dell XPS is about at the end of its rope.
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    2017 Chrysler Pacifica oil change

    I just bought a 2017 Chrysler Pacifica, 3.6L. Has anyone done an oil change on one of these? Some forums were talking about an oil filter canister being under the hood, and you change the filter from the top, but I cant for the life of me see something like that at the top of the engine. I...
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    Walmart screwed the pooch on tire install

    So shopping for tires last week for my Acura, Walmart has a really good sale on some Pirelli Cinturato P7 tires (the best rated grand touring tire on Tirerack). About $100 plus cheaper than any other retailer I could find. I order them and have them shipped to my local store, which takes a week...
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    Fuel storage tip

    When you fill up your gas cans for your small engines, I recommend putting some blue painters tape on the can. Then use a sharpie marker so that you know what type of gas you have in the can (ethanol, non-ethanol, 87 octane, 90 octane, 93 octane etc). I also make a notation that I used Stabil...
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    ZDDP level of Rotella CK4?

    Does anyone know the ZDDP level of Shell Rotella T4 15W40 CK4? Im looking for a JASO MA oil with 1200 ZDDP of greater. Valvoline advised me that their motorcycle oils have 1120 ZDDP.
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    Rules of the road - come add your annoyances

    I just spent 8 hours in the car for a mini family vacation. Saw a lot of things that just irk me. There are simply TOO many folks out there that just ignore or dont know the rules of the road. Lets keep this respectable and not get locked. If you are one of the ID 10 T folks that breaks one or...