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    Synthetic For Engine Cleaning

    Then what's the job of all the detergents in these oils?
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    Your smoothest oil

    Redline has made noticeable difference across a few engine platforms for me, but these were not engines going into daily street driven vehicles though. I've used it in a Ram Rebel as its daily fill, a Hellcat for its daily fill, and a Subaru XT as break in oil as far as daily drivers are...
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    Valvoline Extended Protection 5w30 FA20DIT

    Put 60 miles on it today, it seems just as smooth as the Redline that was in it. I'm just wondering how shear stable it is. I do quite a bit of travel from 6k-12k feet and climb some steep grades for miles at a time in some decent heat. So far, all is good. I guess once it kits 5k, I'll pull it...
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    Valvoline Extended Protection 5w30 FA20DIT

    Finally finished breaking in a new 2020 Outback XT with Redline. Decided to try out this new Valvoline formula along with a Fram Ultra. Hope the bypass boogieman doesn't get me! Is my car going to explode? I though someone on here did either a UOA or VOA on the 5w20 or 5w30 but I may be...
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    Prefilling Oil Filters - Necessary?

    I always do, just enough that the filter media soaks up all the oil.
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    Another Subaru thread?

    Still not explaining the original question, only quoting information that pertains to race cars. Do you really think a Subaru Outbacks engine performs the same as a pro stock car that gets torn down about every 5-6 runs? This should be a simple question yet nobody, not even Subaru will answer it.
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    Removing motor honey from engine.

    Sounds like it’s time for a crate engine
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    Which Oil for Cross Country Trip

    The real question is, are any of them accurate!
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    Oil Recommendation?

    Stick with a 40wt. If it’s a track car stuff some Red Line in it for extra insurance. How often does the car see the track and what type of events mostly?
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    Which Oil for Cross Country Trip

    I don’t see it. Guess it doesn’t show up on mobile platforms.
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    Which Oil for Cross Country Trip

    Vehicle type? Engine platform?
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    2006 GMC Sierra 5.8l factory oil

    Most on here prefer Fram Ultra, WIX XP or Napa Gold/Platinum (WIX).
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    2006 GMC Sierra 5.8l factory oil

    Just as cheap to do Pennzoil Plat and a Fram Ultra. Better filter and better oil for the same price if not cheaper.
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    WIX XP housing seeping at crimp

    Talked to the rep. Nothing special, two minute conversation of drop it off and pick up another one.
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    Kia Stinger

    This, more so if you plan to drive the snot out of it an tune it at some point.
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    thinking about using extended drain oci in Subaru

    Like it or not the Ultras are not the Orange cans you guys all fear from their past reputations. I guarantee any filter you can name has had issues at some point as well.
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    2019 Silverado 5.3 Oil Consumption

    Wut? Are you saying you've never owned a 5.3L or never had issues? I find it hard to believe not a single one had issues. What generation of the 5.3L were or are they?