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  1. k1xv

    List of dexos licensed oils?

    Seems that there is no list of dexos licensed oils on the internet any more. The old links to lists have been deactivated.
  2. k1xv

    I am no longer promiscuous

    My days of experimenting with different brands and viscosities are now pretty much at an end. I am using Shell Rotella Syn 5w-40 in all my internal combustion engines, ranging from a 2003 GMC Duramax diesel to an old Infiniti Q-45, a 32 year old BMW air cooled twin motorcycle, and even my...
  3. k1xv

    Warning...too intense for children and the easily excited

    It was a foggy and moonless night. A fellow was walking home and his route took him past the local cemetery. After he passed the cemetery, he heard a sound behind him.... bump....bump....bump He turned around, and in the darkness, in the middle of the road, he saw a casket bouncing its way...
  4. k1xv

    Boston commuters anxiety

    Four guys who work in Boston form a carpool. Unfortunately, the route takes them through the "Big Dig" tunnel, and one of the fellows is very fearful that the roof will collapse and the tunnel will flood. Unfortunately, there is no good alternative route that avoids the Big Dig. He goes to...
  5. k1xv

    A new disease to worry about

    Q- What happens if you have too much phone sex? A- You wind up with hearing AIDS.
  6. k1xv

    Eastern European fishermen

    There were two Eastern European fellows who spoke English with heavy accents. However, wanting to assimilate in America, they spoke English all the time as best they could, even when only talking to each other. Neither fellow had ever gone deep sea fishing. They decided that this would be a...
  7. k1xv

    Religious bears

    I heard a joke, and then a variant of the same joke. Two ministers were walking through the woods when they encountered a pack of hungry bears. As the bears came closer, one minister said to the other, "I hope these bears have Christian values". With that, one bear comes up very close and...
  8. k1xv

    FYI-Mobil TSUV 5-40

    Sounds like a clearance sale of the now discontinued 5w-40 T&SUV product, not a re-supply. Get it while you can.
  9. k1xv

    Talk about mixed marriages!!!

    I wonder if Mr. Tombe refers to his new wife as "The Old Goat" <img border="0" title="" alt="[Roll Eyes]" src="images/icons/rolleyes.gif" /> <a href="" target="_blank"></a>
  10. k1xv

    Talk about mixed marriages!!!

    I wonder if Mr. Tombe refers to his new wife as "The Old Goat" <img border="0" title="" alt="[Roll Eyes]" src="images/icons/rolleyes.gif" /> <a href="" target="_blank"></a>
  11. k1xv

    Avoid convenience store hot dogs.

    <a href="" target="_blank"></a>
  12. k1xv

    Modern oils bad for flat tappet camshafts

    Low zinc and manganese in modern automotive oils is to blame. Recommends use of HDEO, such as Shell Rotella, during break in. <a href=""...
  13. k1xv

    An unintentional Michael Jackson funny

    I was talking to an old crummudgeon radio ham friend of mine yesterday, and we were discussing the Michael Jackson verdict. Out of his mouth came the following sentence: "Michael Jackson....he just rubs me the wrong way." I guess he was an overnight guest at Neverland Ranch!!
  14. k1xv

    Esso XD-3...stockpile increases..

    You guys make me want to run across the border up to Sherbrooke to pick up a couple of cases for the Duramax next winter. Plus, maybe pick up some drug prescriptions too, along with some Marvin's oat cakes and brews not normally exported. <img border="0" alt="[Canada]" title=""...
  15. k1xv

    How did this oil get associated with elves?

    I assume its some kind of elf in the Black Forest thing. However, when I think of Germany and synthetic oil, I think of Albert Speer and WW2! <img border="0" title="" alt="[Eek!]" src="images/icons/shocked.gif" />
  16. k1xv

    BP refinery blows up....there go gas prices!

    A major explosion, killing at least 14 employees, at the BP Texas City refinery. Explosion/fire centered on the isomerization unit. Isomerization is a process to produce high octane component for gasoline. Gasoline prices in the trading pits immediately shot up by two cents a gallon. <a...
  17. k1xv

    Don't feed the trolls!

    Our good hosts here at BITOG have made it clear that religion/sex/politics do not belong on the Board. I heartily agree. There are other places for that stuff, and the number of such topics that have had to be "locked" are now quite few. However, there are still some topics that get started...
  18. k1xv

    Barry Bonds trainer said he took steroids.

    In a secretly recorded tape, his personal trainer said Bonds took undetectable steroids in 2003. How can anyone admire this guy? <a href=""...
  19. k1xv

    PaulHamm and his Gold medal

    If you were the recipient of an Olympic Gold medal under the disputed circumstances by which Paul Hamm received his, what would you do? I would offer to have the event re-scored. His Gold medal is now so tarnished that it is about the same in value as OJ Simpson's not guilty verdict. He is a...
  20. k1xv

    My trip to Harriman NY WalMart

    On a return trip from New Jersey to Vermont, I was passing through this town today and saw a really big WalMart that I had not been to before. So like any self-respecting BITOG member, I checked out the oil department, with special interest in Mobil 1 Truck and SUV, Mobil 1 0w-40, and Shell...