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  1. HemiBenny

    Brand new F250 eats it’s transmission.

    A Friend of ours just took delivery of his new 6.7l F250 King Ranch with the Tremor package a few weeks ago. Well, 700 miles in, it was stuck in 3rd and as he looked down to look at the instrument cluster to see what gear it was in, it went from 3rd to 10th. He said that he was going to take it...
  2. HemiBenny

    Anyone with tools that have sentimental value?

    This small sample belonged to my Wife’s Grandfather and they work beautifully after all of these years of use. They, along with many of his Craftsman tools, reside in my toolbox at home and I use them regularly. He made sure to inscribe his initials, AE, on all of his tools. I think it’s cool...
  3. HemiBenny

    PF2257G ACDelco cross section

    I posted pics of this in the latest oil change thread along with the oil change on my in-laws 2016 Buick Encore 1.4l. I meant to put the filter pics in here but got ahead of myself. I assumed it was an ACDelco filter as they had all previous service done at the dealership. Upon seeing my pics...
  4. HemiBenny

    Classic car ads

    In this day and age of classic car auctions on TV, everyone's got a rusty gold mine sitting out in the field with a tree growing up through it. This will help you navigate through the ads with confidence.
  5. HemiBenny

    Pennzoil Platinum darker out of 5qt than 1 qt. Hmm

    Long time lurker here and this is my first post. I was changing the oil in my 2011 Ram 1500 this morning and noticed that the oil in the 5 qt jug was substantially darker and felt slightly thicker than what was coming out of the 1 qt bottles. As per human nature I smelled it, it smelled the...