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  1. GoToGuy_Ron

    Shortest flight you've been on

    Hot summer day, heavy takeoff out of Clark Air Base, Philippines. C5 Galaxy Take off WT 690,000.lbs or close to. Blast off, just after rotate, lose oil pressure # 4. Oh s**t. Everything got exciting. Climbout, leave gear down . Run checklist, checklist, checklist. Declare emergency, circle...
  2. GoToGuy_Ron props

    Like helo blades, advancing blade creates most lift.
  3. GoToGuy_Ron

    What is the lowest temp you all would use 20w50

    Ah, humor. I must have missed it. Yeah, four post's under this name.
  4. GoToGuy_Ron

    How long can I safely run this oil/filter combo?

    Why would you possibly want to risk any known or unknown consequences of not changing your oil on regular time frame or at least on the high end of time change. I have seen engines that did not get regular changes when i worked at Ford. Oil ages evan in a sealed container. Therefore more so when...
  5. GoToGuy_Ron

    Short trip VS Viscosity

    Alot of experts stating alot of expert advice. Are any chemist, metallurgy engineers, petroleum refinery? Sounds like some hates cafe standards, so adapt and overcome, it has developed alot of progress along the way. Engines need oil for cooling, specifically friction heat reduction. Heat from...
  6. GoToGuy_Ron

    What is the lowest temp you all would use 20w50

    You do know the temp range this covers correct? And what the " W " denotes in "20W50" ?
  7. GoToGuy_Ron

    Southwest Airlines withholding return of alcohol service after passenger knocks out two teeth of a flight attendant

    As a former USAF flight crew dog, with thousands of hours, flying it is alot of boring with a few of " scared the crap out me moments". And as such ANY abuse of flight crew members WILL be met with extreme defensive countermeasures. Many of the flying public are often either intoxicated or drug...
  8. GoToGuy_Ron

    F-14 RIO.

    I reported to VF213 December of 76. They had returned from the pullout of Viet Nam. And transitioned to F-14's. All the tv of sailors pushing helos off carriers, those became the guys i worked with. Jake Jaccanin was CO. It was some crazy time, before the westpac, during the westpac and getting...
  9. GoToGuy_Ron

    WW2 era US military aircraft piston engine oils

    The process for any POL products (petroleum, oils, lubricants) for use in Aviation is set at much "higher bar" The quality, standards, definition of what is compatible or, "equal to or better" is black and white. That is one thing I personally like, I have, AN standards, Mil Spec, NAS (...
  10. GoToGuy_Ron

    WW2 era US military aircraft piston engine oils

    When speaking of Geared Radial Aircraft Engines. You are identifying those engines that have gear reduction assembly. That allows operating the engine at a higher RPM then through a reduction gear assemby propellor RPM is kept below supersonic. The Pratt & Whitney R-1340 Wasp, was one of these...
  11. GoToGuy_Ron

    F-14 RIO.

    Yeah, old memories of Miramar NAS, and a tour of duty with VF-213 Black Lions. Work ups on the the Big E. West Pac on the Kitty Hawk. Then next in the Med on the America.
  12. GoToGuy_Ron

    Brake Fluid contamination from Penetrating Oil on bleeder screw?

    Okay, really you have think about this. Whats behind the bleed screw? Any capillary action will be long defeated by ANY braking pressure. And if the penetrant came contact with system fluid you would have loss of fluid by way of leak.
  13. GoToGuy_Ron

    Cut open a clogged brake hose

    This is a problem any vehicle in Rusty midwest to east coast could experience. As the root cause was discovered. The corrosion started at the top or opening of the metal crimp. Then proceeded to work it's magic chemical process. It grew and continued to work it's way down between hose and metal...