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  1. Superbuick96

    Oil/Filter suggestion for John Deere S240 w/Kawasaki 21.5 hp.

    After 20 plus years of wanting a riding mower I finally treated myself to a John Deere S240 (first time rider owner) So now begins the circus in my head on what Oil to use, and realizing there are also different oil filter choices than JD or Kawasaki. I suppose I could keep it simple stupid and...
  2. Superbuick96

    2021 statistics of "Post your latest oil change"

    These stats are pretty accurate, but I wouldn't bet my paycheck that the count is exactly perfect. There was a few cold beers consumed while adding up the member submissions. I tallied them up monthly so it wasn't so much work at the end of the year. 273 Mobil/Devlac/Delo 146 Vavoline 122...
  3. Superbuick96

    Anyone with knowlege about portable home air conditioners?

    So I have a couple year old portable LG air conditioner, it of course quit working properly just after warranty . Anyway, it blows cold initially but no longer evaporates the collected condensation, and after awhile it stops blowing cold air, but blows barley cool air. I had to buy a new GE...
  4. Superbuick96

    Propane grill, repair or replace?

    So figured I'd get some opinions here at BITOG, seems like there is a wealth of knowledge in this community. I have a 15 year old Kenmore Propane grill that needs some help. It was a house warming gift from my mom and have kept this grill clean, and stored in the garage when not being used...
  5. Superbuick96

    2020 Member Oil Change Results (updated)

    I gathered the information from my "Post your latest oil change" thread. This was more time consuming than I thought, but it was interesting to see the results. I can't promise the final tally is 100% perfect but it is very close. My eyes started to cross going through a year of submissions...
  6. Superbuick96

    New Top Tier gas station in my area

    I was pleasantly surprised to see GetGo fuel stations have recently become Top Tier certified. GetGo is a subsidiary of The grocery chain Giant Eagle, and are found in Pennsylvania, Ohio, Indiana, West Virginia, and Maryland. Getgo is the most convenient station during my normal travels so now...
  7. Superbuick96

    Stabil use in E0 pure gasoline

    I'm fortunate to have a Circle K (rebranded Marathon)that sells ethanol free 90 octane gasoline, using it for all of my outdoor equipment with a dose of Stabil. I've been wondering do I need to use Stabil if I go through 2 gallons of gas approximately every 4 months between the mowers, and...
  8. Superbuick96

    2 stroke oil question

    Can I use 50:1 oil gas mix in a chainsaw that uses 40:1 mix. I keep 50:1 on hand all the time because my line trimmer, and leaf blower use that mix, but my seldomly used chainsaw calls for a 40:1 mix. I don't want to blow up the chainsaw, but I also don't to buy and keep a 40:1 mix as I'd...
  9. Superbuick96

    2017 Camry SE or 2017 Subaru Forester Prem 2.5

    I've been weighing the pros and cons of each vehicle to make my next DD for the next 10 plus years. I live in the snow belt, so the Subaru's AWD would be appreciated. Although my play it safe side says to buy the Camry,and a set of winter tires. Both models are later in their generation cycle...
  10. Superbuick96

    2014 Jeep Patriot w/ new Powertech 6sp Trans ?

    I am considering a 2014 Jeep Patriot Latitude it comes with the 2.4 world engine, mated to the a (new to Chrysler) Powertech 6 speed auto transmission. After lots of research on this vehicle my only concern at this point is this transmission. I can't find too much info on it, I believe it is a...
  11. Superbuick96

    Hissing/whistling coming from EXHAUST, any ideas?

    About a month ago I had my exhaust replaced on my Ranger. As soon as I took it home I noticed that a whistling/hissing noise on when getting up to speed on the highway. I don't hear the noise while accelerating in city driving, just under heavy load, heavy acceleration at highway speeds. The...
  12. Superbuick96

    Carbon build on piston heads

    I was recently tuning up my leaf blower, and weed wacker while servicing the spark plugs, I noticed a good amount of carbon build up on the piston heads. Both units are around 4 or 5 years old. I use them quite a bit between mine and my mothers yards. This is the first year I put in new plugs...
  13. Superbuick96

    Another story about the Chevy Cruze Diesel

    <a href="" title="httpwwwthetruthaboutcarscom201302ifyouvegot115yearstosparethechevroletcruzedieselmakessense"...
  14. Superbuick96

    How to hook cable tv to my new desktop

    I recently bought a new Dell desktop, and am not really sure on how to hook up the cable tv to it. My old HP had the coaxail input on the back, this new Dell has only a Hdmi input on the back. I guess what I am asking is do they make and coaxial to hdmi adapter that would allow me to plug in...
  15. Superbuick96

    Suzuki exits U.S. market

    <a href="" title="httpwwwclevelandgaspricescomnewsSuzukitostopUSautosalesexitmarket63775518191indexaspx" target="_blank"></a> No...
  16. Superbuick96

    What octane in your 4 stroke lawn mower engines?

    I bought a gallon of Shell 93 for the mowers (b&s675/hondagvc160) for the [censored] of it. Usually I'll use 87, now Im starting to second guess buying the high octane. Is there anything to be concerned with, or is it fine to run high octane in small engines?
  17. Superbuick96

    Overfilling a half qt. in a 3.5 Honda

    This is the first time Ive changed the oil in my wifes 07 Vue, it has the Honda 3.5 engine. It calls for 4.5 qts. Is it alright if I dump in the whole 5 qt jug? My Blazer calls for 4.5 qts, and I dump in the whole 5qts, never a problem. But the 4.3 Chevy engine is an old school beast, that is...
  18. Superbuick96

    The John Deere D100 Lawn Tractor

    Im considering the Deere D100 entry level Lawn Tractor, this machine is all I would really need. I like the idea of the gear drive over hydro too. Ive heard from people, and read on the internetz that there is a difference in quality between the J.D. riders sold at the big box stores, compared...
  19. Superbuick96

    Lady retires 64 Mercury with 576,000 miles on it

    <a href="" target="_blank"></a> Although the writer of the story seems to think 5-10 years/100k is good...
  20. Superbuick96

    My Ranger exhaust smells like sulfur

    Anyone have this issue? Im not really even sure it is an issue, from what Ive read on the internetz. The smell is kinda on the faint side, I notice it after taking on the highway, not at startup. Hopefully it is just the brand of gas im using, or perhaps an O2 sensor?