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    Very disturbing experience with Toyota dealer

    I have a 97 Toyota Camry with 303K miles. My preference would be to take the car to the dealership for maintenance but I decided a good while back that they look for things to do so that they can pad their bill. The last couple of years I've been relying more and more on an independent garage...
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    Got hit this past Saturday. I'm OK but shaken

    I'm a 35+ year road rider. I was hit Saturday by a guy in his pickup. He clipped me with his mirror shortly after I finished climbing a hill. My left arm is severely bruised in the bicep/tricep area. Otherwise I'm OK. Somehow I never went down. The guy stopped, indicating that he had been...
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    Hit a bit of a milestone again

    My 97 Camry went over 300K miles today. Although it serves as the daily beater, it's still a great car that we're willing to drive anywhere.
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    General Altimax RT 43 or Yokohama Avid S

    I have a 97 Camry that requires 195X70X14. Discount Tire is my preferred retailer and the choices are few. I'm not impressed by what I've heard about the Michelin Defender (pretty [censored] mileage) so I'm down to the General Altimax RT 43 or the Yokohama Avid S. The prices are close enough...
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    Just got back from Ireland

    and looked at the oil selection every time we bought fuel. The dominant viscosity everywhere we stopped for diesel fuel was 15W40. I found this interesting in light of the claims on this forum that CAFE standards have impacted oil choice in the US. I'm not suggesting that this is definitive...
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    Is 1/2 quart overfill enough to be concerned about

    I took my 97 4 cyl (5SFE) Camry to the dealer today for various services and had them change the oil using my M1 5W30 HM. The tech overfilled by about 1/2 quart. I know questions on the dangers of overfilling have been posed here many times including by me. I can't remember anyone asking...
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    Castrol Edge 5 qt jugs for $21.66 at Wally World

    That seems like a really good deal.
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    Is OEM Filter for 4 Cyl Toyota Camry up to 10K?

    I had the dealer change the oil at 5K miles and it was done again at 10K as called for in the service manual. Eventually I will move to the recommended OCI of 10K miles (probably beginning now). Would you trust the Toyota OEM cartridge oil filter to go 10K miles?
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    Camry steering rack

    I have a 97 Camry with 267K on the odometer. The original steering rack was replaced at 123K. At 185 K, they said that it needed to be replaced again. I protested but they assured me that it needed to be done. Ultimately I decided that the original dealership was looking for things to do so...
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    Any reason to prefer M1 EP 0W20 over TGMO?

    My wife has a new 2014 Camry 4 cylinder. I'm planning to do 10K ocis as per maintenance schedule. Is there any reason to choose M1EP 0W20 with its 15K rating over the TGMO? Will the 15K rated M1 give me an extra margin of saftey?
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    Is TGMO 0W20 worth a third+ more than AFE 0W20?

    You can buy 5 qts of M1 AFE 0W20 for $26.50 in my local Wally World or $5.30 a qt. TGMO is $7.24 at the local Toyota dealer. That's about a 37% premium for the TGMO. I realize that the VI is considerably higher for the TGMO. In a pretty temperate climate such as NC, is the difference in VT...
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    Is there a clear choice between M1EP 5W20

    and M1 AFE 0W20? The car is a 4 cylinder 2007 Camry with 100K miles, the oci is 10K miles and the climate is Charlotte NC (basically NC/SC state line).
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    Volvo dealer overfilled my S60 about 1/2 qt or so

    I took 7 quarts of my own M1 0W40 (thee crankcase holds about 6.4). They returned about 1/2 quart so I figure the overfill must be because they didn't let it drain sufficiently? Should I be concerned? I guess I could use my blackstone pump to take some out, pumping out one little sample...
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    Hit a milestone today

    Our 97 Camry with the 4 cylinder 5SFE engine went over 250K today. I realize that this is small potatoes for many of you, but I was pleased. We bought the car with 78K miles and since we bought it, the regime has been exclusively synthetic oil (mostly M1 or M1HM) changed every 5K. As I...
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    Is OEM filter for 07 4 cylinder Camry good for10K

    oci? Or should I change the filter at 5k?
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    Talked to mechanic who changed valve cover gasket

    my 97 Camry 4 cylinder with 248 K miles. It's one of the sludge prone engines that many had replaced under the goodwill warranty although mine is the original. The oil change regime has been full synthetic (mostly but not exclusively M1 or M1HM) at a 5K oci. I used 10W30 up until about two...
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    Has anyone bought the new Pirelli P7?

    I'm thinking about a set from my wife's 07 Camry. Right now it has Michelin Primacys
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    Question about M1 oil filter for 2007 Camry

    My wife has a 2007 four cylinder Camry. The oil filter that M1 specifies is the same as the one for my 97 Camry, M1 103. The M1 filter is somehwat shorter than the OEM filter or the filter specified by Bosch. Opinions on whether you would use the M1?
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    Generally favorable opinnion Fram Ultra prompted

    me to buy one for wife's 07 Camry with intention of using for 10K oci. If it's equal to what's been suggested on BITOG, it's a heck of a value.