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    Just back from Custer State Park

    We finally got to take a vacation this year in our 1993 Roadtrek with 115K miles on it. It has the 5.2 Magnum motor and loaded as we were still averaged 15.83 mpg. Highest price for fuel was $4.84/gal. The old girl runs great and we had a good time. We wanted to go to Yellowstone again but...
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    E15 is coming on Tuesday

    The President is lifting the 10% Ethanol rule on Tuesday. I don't think my cars will like that new fuel.
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    Battery finally gave it up

    My Rural King Group 41 battery finally died as it was a August 2014 battery. I feel like I got my moneys worth with it. I have an older Walmart Battery from november of 2002 that is still going. To go 20 years is not bad.
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    Does anyone still make a decent counter top toaster oven that isn't $300?

    We have been trying replace our older B&D toaster oven with convection that got dropped and now the door won't close right. The reviews are not good for the newer ones from B&D. Was looking at WalMart but they are sold out. Bed Bath and Beyond seems to have a good selection but most have bad...
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    laminate circular saw blades 10" and 5 3/8" What works?

    Have to install laminate at my daughters house today and am not sure of the blade that will work good in my 10 miter saw and my Dewalt Battery powered circular saw.
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    Who makes FVP battery?

    Does anyone know who makes the FVP Batteries at Menards? They have them priced right for our motor home house batteries till 4/10 they are $88.99 ang get 11% rebate.
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    Truck in shop closed by Covid

    My sister in law has her truck in the shop for a valve cover gasket and now the shop is closed temporarily because a mechanic got Covid. She is afraid to get it back. I told her to put on a mask and gloves and take it to a detail shop when she gets it back and tell them it was exposed.
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    05 Dodge 4.7 L head gasket blown again

    SIL drivng to visit when suddenly started shaking and white smoke coming out tailpipe. Just had the heads milled flat and valves done less than 6 months ago. Is this common on this motor? Last week No.1 cylinder had new lifters installed. This is a 2005 Dakota crew cab.
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    First oil change.on new to me 1998 B3500 camper

    First oil change on my Leisure Travel van. Got under to replace the oil filter and found a PF 56 filter on it. Little ole thing and tight as a bear. Some quick lube place I suppose. Do you think it hurt anything?