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    Bathroom exhaust fan broken

    So you ask what is the big deal? Replace it! Here is the big deal! It is about 20 feet high from the floor! And I am scared of heights. I would see what can be done from the attic but will need to wait until Fall season to even think about going there! Looking from bottom, it does look...
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    Electric Cadillac - Looks Nice

    Just came across this - looks impressive and should give stiff competition to Tesla
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    Speed Limit Displayed inside instrument panel

    Spending some time right now in DFW area (did we pick up the right time!!) and have a rental vehicle. I suddenly realized that many new vehicles display current speed limit. This implies that it has all the hardware and software to give you built-in navigation as that is necessary to be able...
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    How come most tractor trailers now have LED headlights

    Is there lot of standardization in headlights for trucking industry or there are only few headlight types for trucks that allow them to have replacement LED headlights available at reasonable cost? Every car model has different headlight appearance. I do see different facia of trucks on the...
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    Scotts/Murray 6.5hp self-propelled barely propels

    I have Scotts front wheel drive self-propelled which barely moves. It is NOT the belt. It moves the drive pulley fine. I put the paint mark on it to verify that it is rotating fine. The wheels will spin in the air on the ground, it will only move on its own if going downhill. I have...
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    Dual Clutch Transmission - resting state?

    Does DCT clutches have same default state like regular clutch? Aka you need to apply force to disengage the clutch. If that is the case, then when the engine is NOT running, both clutch engaged aka transferring power from input shat to its respective output shaft? That can't be right! I am...
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    Need to migrate from MyKi in hurry

    I have been essentially using this as secure note pad to keep various pieces of personal and confidential data using its password and secure notes feature on my phone and desktop without having to rely on keeping that data somewhere in the cloud. I liked the MyKi principle of having it stored...
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    Bent Snowthrower Blade

    I have no idea when and how that happened. Few days ago, it was clogging badly but I attributed it to the snow with lot of moisture content. Today I was looking more closely and this is what I see. I tried to unbend in place with large plier but it is not budging at all. I do not have work...
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    Odd Garage Door Opener Problem

    The opener does NOT want to close the door even when it is NOT hooked up. The bottom sensor eye LED is green and if I put my hand to block the beam, the green LED turns off which tells me that sensor is working. And the rejection happens instantly. If I remember correctly the sensor eye...
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    Plasma Lighter for kitchen stove or bbq grill

    I am impressed with El Cheapo plasma igniter with built-in battery and USB charger. Having to replace glow-red flame igniters in clothes dryer and in gas furnace, I want to know why this plasma ignitor technology is NOT yet used on larger scale. I am obviously only talking about the plasma...
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    Any tool for leveling clothes washer when it is sitting in a drip pan?

    I had the installation guys come out again but they just don't seem to get it :-( I do not have enough strength to tip the washer and adjust the feet. The washer is sitting in 30x30 drip pan (2nd floor laundry) making access even more difficult. Is there any tool that can jack up one end for...
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    Popped Up Utility Access Cover in driveway

    Actually, it is the driveway which must have sunk by an inch but the effect is that the 6inch diameter yellow access (natural gas?) cover now bangs the snowthrower. Before repaving the driveway, is there some contraption sold which can go around the access cover and has tapered around and made...
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    Bunch of BMW owners gathering together

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    Any NavTool customers - Seamless ability to add Apple Carplay to factory radio with navigation

    This company claims to add ApplePlay ability to existing factory entertainment system completely transparently. I am considering it for Acura TL 2012 with Navigation package. I have looked at the youtube video showing how it is done. It is expensive but my son really wants it. Is TheCritic...
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    Calling retired detailer Rick from Texas

    Does he still visit this forum? I have few questions for him.
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    Is this current state of the art?

    <a href="" title="httpswwwutilitydivecomnewsrenewableplusstoragebidsinxcelcoloradosolicitationcouldsetlowpri514566"...
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    Verizon FIOS direct connect HD local channels

    This used to work. Did Verizon intentionally screwed it up? Now I only get the audio for the local on-air HD channels. I have tried it on multiple TVs and have done the re-scan operation. I don't think they can legally do this but then again unless I am willing to take it up to FCC, there is...
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    Whole House A/C stopped cooling Trane XE1000

    Had been running fine for whole day, increased the thermostat little bit to give it a breather. After couple of hours I realized that it was no longer putting out chilled air. Went outside and verified that the condenser blower fan was working but the Freon line is not chilled. - So we know...
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    Automatic Lens Cap Problems when humid

    The auto lens cap does not open fully when the outside humidity is high e.g. when it starts to drizzle. The camera itself can handle few drops of water but the cap starts misbehaving. Since this happens on vacation, I was short on tools to run experiments with. At first I thought it was salt...
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    This bolt is touching the belt

    so the belt immediately comes off as soon as car is started. The rust bucket 2000 Maxima 3.0 VQ engine. I am suspecting compressor mounting has shifted or worse some front frame member cracked making the pulleys no longer in perfect plane any more. I lost lot of skin and blood trying to...