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    Help Diesel Gas Mix

    How did the diesel nozzle fit the gas filler?
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    Advance auto oil filters

    Before it has been discussed that these are the basic Purolator filter with an anti-slip coating. I stock up on them when they are 2-fer-1, like they are right now. None of the engines I have used them on have blown up, burned oil or siezed.
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    Another "what oil to put in my 1.8T Passat"

    If the previous sludge issue did not need a tear-down and the turbo lines are clear, just use any Group IV oil that meets the 502 spec. required and diesel filter. It looks like this is what you have been doing, so don't fret and steady-as you go. Keep good records, because as you may know...
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    What do today's teens consider 'calssic' automobiles

    Vairox & Michael, I was doing a little play on words from a popular 80's C&W song. Maybe are too young to remember? Anyway it was meant to be a bit of a joke as I think rice burners and the whole (Camry???) 'Tuner' life is a joke too! And Brian is on the ball. Everyone thought V8 = fast...
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    What do today's teens consider 'calssic' automobiles

    I used to eat 80's era GM & Ford V8s for lunch in my '89 Suzuki Swift GTI. A kid at my H.S. thought his '88 5.0 Monty Carlo SS was king of the hill. I very easily could have had his pink slip...if he wasn't working Taco Bell at night to pay the car loan. Everyone thought it was a Metro (it's...
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    Just courious

    The only times I carry extra fluids are: - Washer fluid during a salty bizzard melt - 1qt of oil during new car/engine break-in...and only if I need to take a trip that requires more than one tank of fuel. - A long time ago I used to take a trunk full of bottled ethanol to Bloomington...
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    I wonder if the "0" trick worked for me because it was late Sunday and there was low call traffic??? I'll almost bet they have more than one call center, too. There may be variations in the inbound call equipment set-up???
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    Chinese autos to be sold in US

    GEELY. Couldn't they come up with a better name??? I don't think many companies selling cars in the US need to worry about this much, right now. Well, maybe VW. I doubt it will be the Yugo of the new millennia, but I doubt it will be a serious competitor for many years. Who knows??? Look...
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    Rotella 15W-40 Users Whar is your OCI?

    I run this 5000 miles/6 months max in some of my gas engines. They tend to have a lot of fuel dilution...80's era VW 4cyls...and the cost of an UOA is more than the cost of an oil change, so I just change it. I have used Rotella 10w30 in the in-laws GM V6 stuff and follow the OLM. Usually...
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    <blockquote>quote:<hr />Vonage phone service has been fine, although talking to customer service was rather trying, as was wading through six layers of unavoidable touch-tone menus before finally getting to "Bill" or "Susan" or whatever name they picked for the day. <hr /></blockquote>I defeat...
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    2005 Nissan Xterra Recommendations

    My Nissan dealer uses stuff pumped out of a truck from this place <a href="" target="_blank"></a> . It goes into a ~300 gallon above ground tank labled: "HP 10w30 SL". Make what you want of this, but I do not see any cars waiting around at the...
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    Brian is right. The PAP2 is much better. I dumped my Linksys WRT54GP2 combined router & phone adapter. The router was not compatible with my kid’s Nintendo DS. Adding to the line noise, dropped calls issues, it was time to dump the Linksys. But, to Linksys’s credit, upping the QoS to 512...
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    Advice for an A4

    Ditto what Audity says. Call a shop and get a quote on a timing & balancing shaft belt job. Don't forget the water pump and all engine seals, too. What about a 90's 300Z? Or a that Lexus 400 coupe?
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    oil for grand am

    Use whatever grade/weight oil is recommended in the manual. Running the engine for 20 minutes befor driving is a useless waste. If you have mobil 1 in the crakcase, you are fine to drive once you have oil pressure...usually 2 to 5 seconds. Just start and go from work too.
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    Advice for an A4

    Not all German parts are quality and not all A4 replacement parts have a maker in Germany. Many A4 parts are sourced from around the (sometimes 3rd) world. A good example is radiators. Audi used to use German made Behr & AKG. Now Veleo and Nissens units are slipping into production...
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    Oils that were effected by Katrina?

    I've been using SJ Mobil 1 5w30 in my 2005 Ion since October. I bought the oil on clearance at W-Mart in 2000! I bought 5 of the 15w50 5qt jugs for my 5000t, and picked up a couple of the 5w30 for our Japaneese cars,all $9/ea! The Ion has not blown up. The O2 sensor is fine. It is not...
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    Volvo S-60 2.5T oil recommendation

    Use what the owner's manual states. If within spec's, Mobil 1 15w50 or 5w40 and Rotella 5w40 are some good choices. If an Xw30 is needed, maybe one of the Mobil 1 products. I would stick with the 3500 OCI and a good group IV oil that meets factory spec's.
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    odd question.

    If the lock was OEM, a key code might be on a info placard, usually in the trunk. Any Suzuki or GM dealer should be able to cut a key from the code. You could always have a locksmith open it up.
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    Mining tragedy

    Call me a stooge, but due to the twisted outcome of this story, I think this thread should be removed for the respect of all involved? Let this topic have some peace, as the families try to get on with their lives.
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    what 32nd do you change tires?

    Don't forget age. Tires that are 5 or more years old should be replaced. There is a date code molded into the sidewall. It is often in an oval. Just like belts and hoses, tires dry out over time and will fail...usually at highway speed.