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    Rebuilt titles

    Not really a safe car for a new driver, no matter what kind of title it has.
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    Rebuilt titles

    I was told by an insurance adjuster (for Progressive) that they will "total" a car if the cost of repairs is 60% or greater than the estimated value of the car. With the higher costs for parts and labor, lots of very fixable cars are being totaled by insurance companies. Especially if they can...
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    Peeling and Sagging Headliner

    Upholstery tacks. Not simple thumb tacks.
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    Metric for when it's time to move on

    In normal times the greatest cost of owning a vehicle is depreciation -- not fuel, not maintenance, not repairs, not insurance. It is impossible to know when normal times will return. Probably not until there is a surplus supply of affordable vehicles. Hardly any manufacturers still make them...
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    Where has all the Mobil 1 Turbo Diesel Truck Gone

    Synthetic HDEO is in pretty good supply compared to six months ago.
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    Diesel car or SUV dead?

    In the GasBuddy poll from a week ago, 42% of respondents said their primary vehicle gets 15-25 mpg; 32% said theirs gets 32%; and only 14% gets over 35 mpg. As someone who is currently averaging 43-44 mpg, and with the current price of diesel around $5.10-$5.30 per gallon, I'm paying about 12...
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    Goodbye To The Left Pedal

    I just picked up a 2003 Jetta TDI wagon with a SouthBend Stage 3 Endurance clutch. This is a real theft-deterrent clutch! If you don't push the clutch FIRMLY all the way to the floor, the clutch interlock won't allow the engine to turn over and start.
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    What was/is the most reliable IC engine of all time?

    I have to recommend the 4-cylinder 1.9-liter VE TDIs sold by Volkswagen from 1996 to 2003 (in the US). The cars themselves are rusting away but the engines seem to last forever. Even a rusty one with 300k-400k mile but good maintenance records can sell for $2500 in the current market, while...
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    Tire options for 17" wheels

    Then I have Golf of the same vintage, with a bigger turbo and Stage 4 tune. So I can swap tires around. (Not the high-mileage Golf that is my daily driver.)
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    Tire options for 17" wheels

    I went with the Pirelli Cinturatos, 225/45R17. I put about 300 miles on them; they seemed fine but the wagon badly needs a rear sway bar because it handles like a scow.
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    Tire options for 17" wheels

    Well, you are all persuading me that I should probably stick with the 225/45R17 and probably the General Altimax RT43, with the V speed rating. But I have a few days before I need to decide, so am willing to consider other options.
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    Tire options for 17" wheels

    We've got two Golfs and a Jetta wagon. I don't particularly like the 16" wheels on the wagon and these 17" Long Beach ones will improve the looks. The 16" ones will be fine on my DD Golf, which needs some all-season tires now instead of the Blizzaks it's still running.
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    Tire options for 17" wheels

    I'd like to keep the speedometer and odometer readouts about the same. It looks like a 205/50 R17 will have about the same diameter, but I'm still uncertain and would like more information and opinions. FWIW there's a TireRack distribution center only a few miles from where I live.
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    Tire options for 17" wheels

    One of the mechanics at a shop I go to has agreed to sell me a set of 17" Long Beach wheels for the Mk4 Golf or Jetta. He's selling the 225-45ZR17 Michelins to one of the other mechanics. These wheels will be going on a 2003 Jetta TDI wagon, so I don't think a tire with such a low profile is...
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    Mobil 1 5W40 Turbo Diesel

    I think the sludge problem was caused by using conventional oil and mostly affected engines mounted longitudinally -- like the Passat but not the Jetta GLI, GTI, or New Beetle.
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    New car break-in

    When my '03 Golf was new, I had to put over 12,000 miles on it before it began to get 40+ mpg on a regular basis. So based on my experience, diesel engines take longer to break-in, and I was closely following break-in procedures from the experts. (Now I average 45-46 mpg in warmer weather.)
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    Is anyone on their last car/truck

    I'm approaching 70 and have three excellent cars: my daily driver that averages 50k-55k miles a year; my weekend car that averages less than 10k miles a year; and a third which I'm letting my sister use while she saves money for a truck or a garage (I tell her she wants a truck but really needs...
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    I'm 60 years old

    I'm 69 and while I'm not particularly eager to get up most mornings, I've got a good job and making more money than ever so it would be foolish for me to retire at this time. I tell myself that I'll work for three more years, banking some more money, then move to a warmer climate with a lower...
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    7-Eleven Owner to Buy Marathon’s Speedway for $21 Billion

    Most of my work as a courier has been delivering construction tools, supplies, and materials. Lately I've been delivering to a lot of Speedway stations, for instance Lexington & I-94, Cedar Ave & 46th St, and Snelling Ave north of I-94. Also to Kwik Trip stations including the one at Cedar Ave...
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    Preferred Diesel Additive?

    Plan on filling up at or near your destination so you get properly winterized fuel for the conditions. Diesel 911 is for emergency degelling and, if you ever need to use it, it often requires double or triple the recommended amount.