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    BMW (Mahle) 517506-10 - 4K C&P

    1 year, 4K miles. Clean and mint off a 2017 R1200GS. Could have gone 2x the mileage, along with the oil. Purchased the Mahle version of the filter for all future changes.
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    Champion COS10575 - 5K Miles C&P

    I continue to be impressed by this stash of Champion filters I purchased on Rock Auto close out a few years back. Original thread: Virgin C&P Thread of a 10590 I cut open a while back: COS10590 C&P...
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    Ultra-Power WL10010 - 2017 Dodge Caravan - Pics

    This is one of the inexpensive filters I purchased from Rock Auto a couple of years ago and has approximately 10k kms running Valvoline (WB) 5w30. I was pleasantly surprised with the shape and integrity of the media after seeing the OEM filter with loads of wavy media after the same OCI. Very...
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    ACDelco PF64 (2 versions) - Cadillac ATS 2.0T - Pics

    Finally got around to cutting open the three PF64's that were installed by the dealer during their regular maintenance over the past 1.5 years. All looked in good shape, no tears, no major issues. The new 'ecore' style has a tighter cage arrangement. I certainly doesn't look like media could...
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    2017 Cadillac ATS 2.0T - Mobil 1™ Synthetic LV ATF HP

    Dealer put in M1 LV ATF HP on the last service when I mentioned a mild shudder at low rpms. Apparently there was a TSB for it. The car has 72,000KM, with maybe 500 on the new fluid. I wish this car came with this fluid from factory. Smoother, sometimes unnoticeable shifts. The abruptness of...
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    Champion COS10590 - 5k - pics

    Ran for 5k miles on the ATS with Pennzoil 0w40. This filter is really well built. <a href="" target="_blank">https:/<wbr>/<wbr><wbr>sh/<wbr>621z0mucrgfuz8w/<wbr>AABDF1vpT0GrT_RoAX44IKoWa?dl=0</a> Loads...
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    Valvoline 20w50 - 4k miles

    Took the bike down through 8 sates, as far south as Georgia. Had 1k miles on the oil before I left. 3k miles later the oils is still in there and shifting perfectly. I'm considering upgrading to a '18 DL1000, and I'll most likely use the same oil with this experience.
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    Champion COS10575 & COS10590 - C&P

    I picked up my $1.30 Champion filters, so I decided to cut a couple open. Hybrid media, good filtering efficiency, silicon ADBV, nice basic construction, and good strong media with strong bonding. Each filter had<span style="font-weight: bold"> 56 pleats</span>. <a...
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    Pioneer SW-8MK2 Subwoofer

    Howdy y'all, so I've gone mega OCD on rebuilding our home audio experience the past few weeks. I now have stereo systems, 2.0, 2.1 or 2.2 in every room, connected to Airport Express Gen2 with full Airplay2 support. We're a 100% Apple family with Apple Music subscription shared across 6 family...
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    Energy ESM-2 MKII Speaker Restore

    I purchased a pair of vintage ESM-2 MKII cheap with blown tweeters. So I'm making a project of restoring them. I searched for two days and could not find much information on the MKII version of the ESM-2. There are quite a few differences that are worth mentioning. I had an original pair of...
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    Time for a new Generator... Wisdom desired!

    Howdy all, we had a multi day outage in Ottawa this past weekend due to tornado winds that took out a good chunk of power infrastructure. I currently have a Champion generator that worked well through the whole outage. I've wired it into our main fuse panel via a transfer switch for 6 main...
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    Chainsaw - ceased/stuck chain

    Howdy all, going through my yearly small engine maintenance schedule. I topped up the chainsaw with bar oil and 2T 40:1 gas, started up like a champ, let it idle for a while, then gave it a little throttle which typically would have started to turn the chain, gave it a little more and it gave a...
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    Wood Fairing?? Yes, and it's beautiful!

    I ran into this gentlemen at the local hardware store. I couldn't believe my eyes when I pulled in. I have never seen anything like it. The craftsmanship was incredible. Beautiful wood work. <a href=""...
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    ACDelco UPF64R - C&P

    Was on the ATS for ~2k miles. Still can't get the pleat spacing right on a premium filter, which is disappointing. I'm not confident that those wide pleats wouldn't tear under a full OCI and 100+ Canadian winter cold weather starts. When compared to the PF64, the media doesn't look much...
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    DL650 Heated Grips & Throttle Lock

    Howdy all, last night I successfully installed a pair of Oxford Touring heated grips and a Koako throttle lock. Took the glee out for a ride last night and was really impressed with the improved grip feel and the HEAT! With my summer gloves on I couldn't put it past 50% without too much heat...
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    Backoff XP - mode 1 or mode 2?

    About to install the Backoff XP that I purchased last year. I'm trying to decide between mode 1 and mode 2. The modes are defined as follows: Mode 1: 4 short break light flashes, followed by 1 long flash - repeats the cycle as long as the brake is on. Mode 2: 5 quick flashes, followed by a...
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    Fram XG12060 - GM 22psi spec Ultra coming soon!

    Just heard from Motorking. The new 22psi spec ultra for GM spec'd vehicles will be available in the next 2 months. The part number will be XG12060.
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    Recommended Motorcycle GPS

    I've been looking at the following. I'm open to suggestions to alternatives. There does not appear to be many options that I can find. Garmin z&#363;mo® 396 LMT-S Garimin z&#363;mo® 595LM TomTom Rider 550
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    Mixing viscosities? Castrol and Valvoline say NO!

    I spoke with a rep at Castrol and Valvoline today and they both categorically stated the following: 1. They do not recommend mixing viscosities. Not even, for example, Valvoline 4T Motorcycle oil 10w40 and 20w50. 2. They stated mixing different brands and versions of oils is fine as long as...
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    Shearing = shift quality degradation... ?

    I have read almost every thread discuss how shift quality deteriorates over the course of an OCI. Is this directly caused by the level of shearing an oil experiences? Or is there something else at play?