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    Seems the new M17 isn't doing so hot

    <a href="" target="_blank"></a> Seems the new M17/18 (Sig P320) is having some issues in...
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    Look at the new Sig 238 from Springfield Armory

    Well it seems like having the Colt Mustang, Kimber Micro, and Sig 238 didn't create a crowded enough market for a 380 chambered micro 1911 type pistol. Springfield Armory just introduced their 911...which is so similar in even aesthetics to the Sig to make you do a real double take. At least...
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    Another Pistol That Is Potentially Unsafe

    Hot on the heals of the Sig's P320 dropgate, it seems another product from Honor Defense is now making the rounds as not drop safe. <a href=""...
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    Reliable source for Ranger T Series ammo???

    I know this is "Law Enforcement" ammo, but where can us civilians get our hands on it reliably? I am specifically looking for 45acp 230gr standard pressure stuff.
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    Toro Single State 2 Stroke- What Amsoil?

    The local farm store carries Amsoil Saber, Interceptor, and Dominator 2 stroke oils. Which one of these would be the best to run at 50:1 in this late 90's vintage Toro single stage thrower I just acquired? I know the Saber stuff claims to be good at 80-100:1 ratios, but I would rather mix it at...
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    What Gun Do You Wish Someone Made?

    Thought this would be a fun thread. If you could get a company to make a certain gun, what would it be? For me I would love someone to make new Webley'esque type top break revolvers again. One in 38/357 would make me very happy. Make them out of a nitrided stainless.
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    IWI Masada Pistol

    Looks interesting. Styling seems to be heavily HK influenced with maybe a hint of Sig (modular) and Glock (has what MAC calls the "dingus" on the trigger). <a href="" target="_blank">IWI Website for the MASADA</a>
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    New Carry Piece

    Grabbed this new Kahr P9 off Grabagun for 350 bucks. Had to have been a closeout or something goofy because they normally sell for WAY more. Took it out and put 200 rounds of nasty Silver Bear through it to break it in (manual says to) and to make sure it would eat low end garbage ammo. If it...
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    Best aftermarket dark surface treatment/coating

    I was considering getting my Thompson 1911 hard chromed, but I like dark guns for concealment. What out there gives the closest performance in terms of hardness, corrosion resistance, and durability to hard chrome that is less "flashy"? I saw the hard hat treatment from Severns Custom. It looks...
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    Toro VS Snapper

    Hello all. My 20 year old Craftsman mower just died. The deck rotted out finally. I am in the market for a new walk behind self propelled mower. I have two mower dealers in town, a Toro and a Snapper dealer. So I am essentially looking at the residential line Recycler series from Toro and the...
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    38 Spl and 357 Mag Self Defense Ammo Experiement

    For those of you who carry 357/38 wheel guns or use one for home defense, you may want to have a look here. Some interesting ballistics gel results. <a href="" target="_blank">Self Defense Ammo Tests</a>
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    New S&W wheelgun timing issues

    Hello all, I just brought home a NIB S&W 67-5 Combat Masterpiece. I have noticed that 4 cylinders lock up nice and early when cocking the hammer slowly. The 5th is noticeably later but still locks up before the hammer reaches full cock. The last one you every few times clicks in right after...
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    Colt in trouble.....again

    Well only two years out of their last crisis, Colt seems to be very sick financially already. Custom shop is shut down, Colt's Canadian division gutted, and a flood of pink slips are being handed out. <a...
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    Stumbled on a classic at a steal

    I have a local gun shop about 2 blocks away from me owned by a surly but honest retiree. Went in there because he posted he had bulk 22 at a reasonable price. Came out with this Beretta Model 1934. As you can see she has a bit of finish pitting but when I took her apart I could not find any...
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    Lets talk inexpensive red dots

    SO I have a new PTR91 A3R on the way and was wondering what to throw on the rail. As of right now I am looking at the Vortex Sparc II. I can always throw on a 3x magnifier behind it later, but since all the local ranges are 200 yards or less, I think it should work okay. I have the large 4MOA...
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    Army selects Sig P320 as offical replacement

    Looks like the Sig 320 will replace the Beretta made M9. I hope it works well....cause to me it is one aesthetically unpleasing firearm.
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    Kahr CW380 and S&W Bodyguard 380?

    So my old man got a permit to carry finally. Mostly because he will be riding around in his expensive hot rod and worries about being car jacked. So he wants a small gun to carry. I am trying to talk him into a Ruger LCR, but he seems set on an automatic. Right now it is between a Ruger LCP...
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    Look what followed me home today from my dealer

    <a class="lb-image-link" rel="shadowbox[3302958702a3a84502]" href="" title=""><img src="" class="lb-image" /></a> These...
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    New Revolver from Colt coming!!!

    Colt is dipping its toes back into the DA/SA revolver game. <a href="" target="_blank"></a>
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    New S&W 66 vs old ones

    Aside from the annoying locking mechanism S&W slaps on almost everything, have any of you S&W aficionados handled the new model 66 guns that came out 2 years ago to compare them to the old k guns? In your opinion did they fix any of the shortcomings of the old 66/19 K frames? I know you could...