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    PGO X-hot 150, G-MAX 200 scooter, GY6, 3000km OCI Q8 F1 vs 300v2 vs M1 v-twin

    This post will be posted in my personal blog as well. The blackstone reports will be uploaded at the bottom. Coronavirus made China and Taiwan under the international spotlight. Whatever China says, I can tell you Taiwanese products are almost always better quality than Chinese products. Now I...
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    2014 Kawasaki ZX-6R 636 9,810km 6,096mi ZIC M9 4T 10W-40 full syn

    Introduction: This same engine is used on the 2013-2018 (euro 3 compliant), 2019-present (euro 4 compliant) ZX-6R 636 so this oil analysis should apply to those 2 generation bikes. I was always doubtful of the owner's manual oil interval of 12,000km (7,600mi) or 1 year, whichever came first. I...
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    Horsepower VS Oil Change Interval (OCI)

    We come to this forum because we care about extending the life of engines and transmissions, and at the same time trying to save the earth (and money) by not throwing away good engine oil which can continue to be in service. With that out of the way, If a used oil of 3000 miles has similar wear...
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    carburetor idle mixture adjustment interval

    I had 2 previous carburetted bikes. A Chinese made Lifan LF-125 bought brand new back in 2008 and a used 1993 Ninja 500 bought in 2009. Both bikes didn't need adjustment to the idle speed or the idle mixture screw. They all ran alright when warmed up. I got rid of them after riding each for a...
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    Granville 5W40 Renault Clio 8815mi UK England

    Hello all, this is 22yr old chinese guy from Leeds, West Yorkshire, north england. The car in question is a 1996 Renault Clio Mark1 1171cc engine 60hp, 4 speed manual, weighs less than 900kg which currently has 141,515 miles. The car is used extensively as a pizza delivery vehicle. 80% of the...