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    Pelican Ice Chest

    Just bought a Lifetime 77 quart for use for the crew at work, I’ll get reimbursed for it, it looks like a great ice chest but was upset to read reviews that the rope handles cant be replaced. Anyhow, I’d like to buy a 50 quart to keep in my truck and for trips. I’ve been eyeing the Pelican ice...
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    Filter for my F150

    I usually use Fram EG or TG filters on my 3.7 F150, but Im leery now due to them going back to nitrile ADBV’s, Wix is out of the question since theyre Mann/Puro made. Whats a good oil filter out there that wont break the bank? No Motorcraft either
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    3.7 Duratec longevity/high mileage

    Anyone out there with high miles on a 3.7 F150? Just hit 215k on my 2012 and I intend on keeping it for the long haul as its paid off, but eventually would like to get a used Tacoma. Just seeing realistically what kind of mileage I can get out of the 3.7, truck is mechanically perfect front to...
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    Five Star tuning

    Looking at getting some tuning for my 2012 3.7 crew cab F150, 214k miles, I figured if Im gonna keep it for the long haul I might as well invest some money to somewhat increase the performance/mpg. Five Star tuning seems to be pretty popular amongst F150 owners. Who on here has their tuning and...
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    2012 F150 Mobil 1 HM10W30 5,736 miles

    UOA for my 2012 F150, sample was taken at 210, 403 miles, first UOA since I have the truck at 151k miles. Lots of short trips and long drives, a good mix. Looks to be good, upset to see the low viscosity, should that be a cause for concern? Sitting at 213k right now with more M1 HM 10W30 in the...
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    Stabil Marine Tune Up

    Ok to use this in my F150? My dad just sold his boat and had this lying around. Wasnt sure if it was safe for cats and o2 sensors.
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    F150 honest review

    So for the longest time I was one of those guys who would bash Ford for the sake of bashing Ford, saying they were junk and I’d never own one, the whole time having never owned one. Well that sure was stupid. Two years ago I needed a work truck and bought the truck pictured below, as is no...
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    Air filter minder

    I’d like to install a filter minder on the factory airbox on my 2012 F150. Best one out there? Wix, Donaldson?
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    High performance lubricants oil

    I’ve heard nothing but good about this oil here, can anyone give me some info about it? Im considering running it in my 2012 crew cab F150 with the 3.7 V6. Being a crew cab with the V6 it works pretty hard to push this truck and goes through a good but of fuel. Truck is paid off, going to hold...
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    Memphis trip

    My girlfriend and I are taking a weekend trip to Memphis July 1st-3rd. i’ve been a few times but its been years. I just wanted to get an idea of the best places to eat and things to do that arent too touristy. I was thinking of getting ribs at Charlie Vergos but heard its a tourist trap. Three...
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    Honda Recon 250

    Friend of mine owns a small engine repair shop, stays busy and is a great mechanic. We got to talking about my 250 Timberwolf, and I asked if he’d go with the Recon over a Timberwolf. He said no doubt, he has way too many four wheelers and he offered to sell my Timberwolf for $1500, he would...
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    Wreck today

    Got in a fender bender on the interstate today, went to switch lanes, was clear and then wham got hit out of nowhere. Everyone is fine besides my neck was sore for about an hour. My F150 has a small scuff on the bumper, it seems to still drive straight, but should I still get the front end...
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    Stripped diff plug

    Changing the engine and rear diff oil on my 250 Timberwolf….drain plug on the diff takes a 6mm Allen, whoever did it before me stripped it out….whats the best way to get this plug out? ViseGrips? A friend of suggested hammering a Torx socket in it. Any suggestions are welcome.
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    Honda SJ oil

    Would this oil be ok to run in my ‘97 Timberwolf 250 with a wet clutch? It meets JASO T903 spec and I figured it would be better due to it meeting API SJ. Or are oils meeting JASO-MA2 better? Also can this oil be used in new products with wet clutches?
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    Stanley broom

    My mom had this broom given to her by her mother in law (my grandmother) 39 years ago when she married my dad. My grandmother passed 6 years ago and searching on Google I cant find anything. On the yellow part it says Stanley Signature, Westfield, Massachusetts. My mom has told me numerous times...
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    Timberwolf 250

    Picked up this ‘97 250 Timberwolf this morning for $700. The guy used it just to go to his deer stand and pull deer out the woods, never been abused. It runs great, has fairly new tires, fresh oil, air filter and spark plug. Ill service the diff and put some fresh oil and a filter so I know...
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    Oil leak around VVT solenoids

    Checking things under the hood of my truck just now I noticed the passenger side valve cover wet with oil and what seems to be slow seepage around the VVT solenoids. My truck is a 2012 F150 with the 3.7 V6, 198k miles. Will this repair involve valve cover removal? Will I need new solenoids or...
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    ScanGauge II or Edge CTS3

    I’ve been wanting to get a ScanGauge II for my 2012 F150, but Ive also read that the Edge CTS3 is a great monitoring tool. Im not worried about the more expensive price of the Edge, I’d like to buy whichever is better. Those with experience with either Id like to hear some opinions.
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    Schaeffers oil

    Where is the best place to buy Schaeffers oil/greases? Best price? Id like to get some 5w30 syn for my F150.
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    Proper maintenance

    The proper maintenance goes a long way. As I had mentioned a few days earlier, my uncle passed away on the 13th of this month, his son and I will be taking care of his truck from now on, we’ll try to take it to a million miles. It currently sits at 476,620 miles, the picture below was 3 years...