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    Sold an old junk pickup truck

    Got rid of an eyesore sitting beside my house this AM. 1997 Nissan pickup that was a rust bucket. Last time running was a year ago, giving Granddaughter a shot at driving a stick shift. Rusted brake line puked out the brake fluid. I drove it back home only using the hand brake. It was only used...
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    Pay it forward

    I live in small town Iowa. Around 5000 population. (too big for me...LOL. Grew up in smaller town of 1000) Anyway, I was on Facebook today, which I seldom do. Good community where I live, great people for the most part. In fact, couple months ago at the grocery store, my credit card was having...
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    Got my wash and detail done today...the easy way!

    Just finished getting my SUV washed, clay barred, waxed and detailed. Mobile unit that comes to your house and does it in the driveway. First time I've ever paid for that work. I'll never do it myself again.:sneaky: Those guys knocked it out in 1 1/2 hours, start to finish! Looks like new again.(y)
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    Do not mess with farm boys...

    Badgers are nasty animals. This boy is brave / stupid.
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    Frog Legs

    The fish thread got me thinking: Anyone else like to eat them? Probably 30 years ago, my friend had a small air boat. We would go out frog gigging at night. Small pond, middle of nowhere Iowa. On a good night, we would get 100 pair or more. Big old bull frogs. Freeze most and have a frog feed...
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    Morel Mushrooms

    Any other mushroom hunters here? I used to love hunting and eating them, but I'm old now and can't walk far. Best year I ever had was mid-1980's here down at the Mo. River bottom. In 1/2 a day, ended up with four 5 gallon buckets full. Never had a year like that since. We ate them, froze and...
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    Happy Birthday AutoMechanic!

    Hope you have a great Birthday! Waiting to see pics of your Chinese Birthday meal! ;)
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    Leg of Lamb ?

    Would love to try it, but not enough to buy one. Some of it in the pictures looks delicious! Was given some ground up lamb back around 1980. Tried frying up some burgers and it stunk up the kitchen badly! Took a bite and threw it outside for the dog. I read after that, it should be slow cooked...
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    "Donating" Plasma - I'm a Prick

    So I work (when I work - retired) with a 37 year old gal. We have always gotten along great and I help teach her my former job. She lives with a POS boyfriend, and we don't see eye to eye, to say the least. She and I have a couple beers at night after work. Normally drive down to a local lake...
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    Charleston, SC. as a vacation spot?

    Trying to figure out a small vacation. Anyone have experiences in that area? Any and all tips appreciated! Better recommendations welcome as well. (USA only please-have no passport) The only requirement is an ocean. Taking a little lady along that has never seen one.
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    At what age was your first child born?

    I was 24 years old. My Son turns 42 tomorrow. Daughter will be 40 in May. How time flies!
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    2017 Lincoln MKX Black Label

    Any thoughts on this vehicle, or known problems? My Daughter just bought one and told me about it last night. Has about 100,000 miles and all the bells and whistles. Taking me for a ride tomorrow. Said I could get a massage from the seat. Personally, I would have steered her to something brand...