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    BJs Wholesale Club?

    Anyone ever use BJs for new tires? If so, what was your experience? They seem to have decent prices.
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    Decent Android tablet?

    I'm looking to purchase a decent Android tablet in the $150 - $200 range. Anyone have a model they would recommend? Use case is email and general web browsing.
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    Front brake hardware

    Curious if anyone has tried Carlson Quiet Glide brake hardware? The have a teflon coating where the pads ride.
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    Grab A Gun is a scam

    These guys are bad news. I purchased 20 boxes of Remington UMC on Thanksgiving morning. The order was accepted and I was charged the full amount. Today I only received 10 boxes. When I called, they said they sold more than they had in stock, thus I was only shipped 10. They have since...
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    Low Viscosity Mobil 1 ATF

    Anyone have any idea why Mobil doesn't have a LV ATF? Based on the quality of the existing ATF and the brand reputation it would be a good seller.
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    Kendall VersaTrans LV for Toyota WS?

    Curious if anyone has tried this fluid in place of OEM Toyota WS fluid?
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    Ninja Coffee Bar

    Anyone have one?
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    Need input- 2012 Rav4 needs tires

    Need help in choosing between the Michelin Defender or Goodyear Assurance CS TripleTred for my 2012 Rav4 V6. My local Toyota dealer has the buy 3 get, one free deal which makes their pricing beat anyone around. I do need good winter performance and for that reason and leaning toward the...
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    Do your part- call to action

    Ruger has made is very easy to generate a letter to all of you elected officials here or by going to Ruger's home page. Please take a minute to help protect our rights <a href="" target="_blank"></a>
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    Made a purchase today

    Went to my local gun shop to pickup a S&W 617 6" .22. There was also a Talo 686 5" with the unfluted cylinder. The shop owner made me a nice deal and I purchased the pair. I may leave the Talon unfired but the 617 will be my range queen.
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    Hot bluing

    I have a Remington 512 Sportsmaster that I would like to restore to its original condition. The bluing is pretty worn and I would like to have it hot blued. Anyone have an idea of the cost and can I ship the barreled action without an FFL?
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    Why is this [censored] now trying to load at BITOG? Can I block it?
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    Recommend a fluid extractor

    I'd like to purchase a fluid extractor for tranmission fluid changes, power steering, etc. Does anyone have a model that works well and will hold up to the long term?
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    Tried Liquid Glass yesterday

    Put 2 coats of Liquid Glass on my new Silver RAV4 yesterday and I have to say I am blown away. I wanted to try this product since the vehicle is not garaged. Application was very easy....about the same as using the Meguiars #26. We'll see how well it holds up.
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    Meguiar's #26

    Put a fresh coat of #26 on my 2008 Sienna today...looks like the day I brought it home. I really like this wax. Easy to apply, easy to remove and lasts a reasonable amount of time. Anyone else a fan?
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    Toyota power steering fluid

    I'd like to do a power steering refresh on my 2008 Sienna. Toyota says to use Dexron III but the original fluid smells nothing like normal transmission fluid. Any recommendations?
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    Toyota 2GR-FE why not all 0W-20?

    I recently purchased a 2012 RAV4 V6 to complement my Sienna. I was surprised to learn the 2012 does not require 0W-20, oil cap and manual both specify 5W-30. The nice thing is both vehicles take the same oil & filter but I'm curious why some 2012 models with the 2GR-FE take 0W-20 (Sienna...
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    Castrol Synblend

    Anyone running Castol Synblend? My Wife and I just purchased a RAV4 V6 which comes with 5 free oil changes. The dealer has used Synblend for years and will use this oil. I'm debating whether or not to just do it myself with PP. Thoughts?
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    Anyone have a newer Tundra?

    The Wife and I are looking to buy a new truck and the really likes the Tundra. Anyone have one with the 4.6 V8? We're looking at the base model, Double Cab. Drove one tonight...rides very smooth, great power and doesn't seem as big as I thought it would be, very manuverable.
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    Toro 4 stroke single stage snowblowers

    I'm looking at a new Toro single stage snowblower. Are the 4 stroke engines chinese knock-offs or are they Briggs? Toro only says "Toro 4 stroke OHV".