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    06 Kia Optima has some DIIIIIIIRRRTTYY Oil

    dirty oil is typical of hyundai engines. i dunno if that's the mitsu sourced or hyundai developed (i'm guessing the latter), but either way they run rich. for your dirty a/c, the condensate drain is clogged and you could clear it out with a coat hanger and spray the vents (fresh air intake and...
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    Heater to warm vehicle interior for cold am.

    i just use a small space heater on an extension cord. i run the cord out of one of the windows. it works reallllly well. apparently i'm not the only one.
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    Source for HID conversion on my 95 BMW 525i?

    what is your price limit? there are a few really nice kits out there that are $550+ and come with new projectors, HID kit, and wiring. i have no idea if you want to spend that much though.
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    im doomed...metal particles & bubbles on dipstick

    the pureone was not filtering. it was probably in bypass mode. like a previous user mentioned, time for a higher flow filter.
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    Cleaning an oil leak from the driveway

    concrete driveway cleaner from lowes/home depot.
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    Major Cadillac dealership rip off attempt

    <blockquote>Quote:<hr /> what kind of healight takes a $116 bulb? if that bulb was made out of sterling silver is probably still wouldnt be worth 116. i wouldnt own a car that has such expensive parts. my headlight bulbs cost $4.00 at walmart for a 2 pack and thats the way it should be. <hr...
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    Thoughts on the Honda 2.4 liter i-VTC DOHC>?

    the engine in the element is DOHC?
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    Front brake pad for 04 Civic

    i use Satisfied Brake Pads: Pro Ceramic pads on my honda's and they've been great. nothing bad to say as of 10k miles.
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    BruceBlend® 0w-10 GIII Urber-econo oil is in.

    gary, how many miles did you have on the orig. engine before you replaced it? i had a 94 3L caravan that lived it's whole life on 10w30 havoline (140k) and ran great up until someone stole it. <img src="/forums/images/graemlins/frown.gif" alt="" /> never had a problem with it (well other than...
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    What's a good JEEP product/year for under $4-5K

    i have a 96 cherokee purchased cheap, LOW miles, pretty much perfect. only had a fuel pump go bad. it works great if you don't mind interior bits falling off every now and then. avg mpg 16 2wd auto 4L 6cyl. scary in the snow. front end heavy.
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    Anyone else notice Castrol GTX price increase?

    <blockquote>Quote:<hr /> I think they're supposed to sell it to you for for the labeled shelf price regardless of the scanned price. I'm thinking there's a law somewhere that states this. <hr /></blockquote> store policy. they'll give it to you for free under $3, or $3 off if over $3...
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    Mazda 6 vs. Honda Accord

    <blockquote>Quote:<hr /> sportier looking car. has very thin (not wide enough) tires for its size, though, from what i've seen. <hr /></blockquote> gas mileage. honda seems too concerned with it and not enough with performance. of course their v6 engines aren't the most fuel efficient. i...
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    96 jeep cherokee...

    hey gman, thanks for the link. i have been looking for ecodes for my cherokee and these are a great price.
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    Toshiba HIR Lights

    i purchased mine from a local john deere dealer. took 2 days. cost? $11 shouldn't be on backorder. mine a chinese made.
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    3M™ Intake System Cleaner (Aerosol)

    i've used the 3 step system in my honda's and it works well. if the car is running smoothly already, you won't notice a difference, but you notice a bit of visual improvement if you take the top end apart. in my case there was some light/medium deposits on the valves and on the tops of the...
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    Battery Corrosion through the terminals, warranty?

    My wal-mart battery just started leaking acid through the terminals. Is it considered defective? I'm still within the warranty period. Thanks!
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    Toshiba HIR Lights

    i just don't see how $27/bulb is worth it. i'd have to see it in person and need bulbs right then.
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    New HID's on the way!

    true, you have to trim the base of the bulbs to fit in a 9005/9006 housing.
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    Xtra Visions that much better over OEM?

    i love the xtravision bulbs. much brighter than oem and you can get them pretty much anywhere. i've been using mine for 2-3 years now.
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    HIDs installed.

    you're lucky that your car has the option for projector hid's. i've got diffused hid's on my 00' TL and they are TERRIBLE. i dunno what acura/honda was thinking. no more light than incandescent bulbs, but they are whiter.