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    How can you remove a tire from a car at a junkyard without powertools?

    Most of the cars are up in the air so the wheel would just spin. It's also too hard to hold the tire by hand and simultaneously loosen the lug nuts.
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    How do you record video under a car in motion?

    I keep seeing videos where people have cameras mounted underneath their cars, but I have no idea how they're doing it. It'd be a super useful method for diagnosis if I could figure how it's done.
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    Scratches visible after headlight restoration

    I can see several light scratches after finishing up my headlight restoration. I removed the old clear coat with wet 2000 grit until hazy and then I went in with wet 3000 grit. After that, I put on the clear coat. I think I'll just leave it be as it still leagues better than it was. However...
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    How common are warped plastic valve covers?

    I cleaned up all the mating surfaces until they were pristine, bought a new OEM cover gasket, torqued everything to spec, and I'm still getting leaking through some bolt holes. I've read about valve cover warpage with some BMW owners, but now I'm wondering how common it really is across the board.
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    Can you use a radiator pressure tester with the engine running?

    I was going to pressurize the system to 15psi and then run my engine to operating temp. Is it a bad idea to do this? I'm thinking it might make a leak location I'm suspecting more obvious.
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    How does headlight restoration work?

    I used one of those headlight restoration kits and it came out great, but I want to understand the reasons behind what I did. The first step had me using these oxidation remover wipes and that made decent sense. You use the wipes to remove yellowing or other signs of hazing on the lights. When...
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    Is it true ALL airbags won't deploy if the airbag warning light is on?

    I encountered some airbag error codes for the side airbag on my car and got them all fixed. Honestly it was quite awhile before I got around to this fix, but I remember reading somewhere that airbags won't deploy if the warning light is on. I told my friend what I read and he argued that it's...
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    How many know about AAA's 1 tow per breakdown policy?

    Figured out about this the hard way. Apparently if you get your car towed one place and then try to get it towed another, they won't cover that second tow. So let's say you get your car towed to one mechanic and then you decide you don't like how things are going. If you try to tow it from his...
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    Are there any good UV protective car covers?

    Kadooria Safe View Half Car Cover Top Waterproof/Windproof/Dustproof/Windshield Cover Snow Winter Summer (Sedan 3L) I got this one, but it's basically worthless for sun protection.
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    How much A/C R134a loss is normal?

    I have a 06 Tucson and the mechanics had to recharge around 1/4 lb of R134a to the system. They said there were no leaks they could detect. I thought that as it's a closed system, no refrigerant could escape over time. Edit: According to my records, the last time the system was serviced, it...
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    What's the flow rate like on rear calipers with motive pressure bleeder?

    I'm using it on my Tahoe at around 12-15 psi and it seems slow to me.
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    2003 Tahoe Pedal Spongy After Front Pad Replacement

    I took the cap off the MC, then squeezed the pistons back in. After that, I put the new pads on. Now when I push the brakes they're spongy with the car on but more firm with car off. I keep reading that there's air in the system, but I don't get how I could have introduced air if I never opened...
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    Fixing up car for family member, but am I taking too long?

    My family member's kid got a car on the cheap and it's needed a huge laundry list of repairs done to it. In order to save them the cash, I stepped in to do it. Now, it's been 2 months so far and I think I should be done by month 4 unless other stuff comes up. I just can't believe so much time...
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    Car owner gets sued after lube tech kills mechanic with his car at dealership

    As if I really needed more incentive to diy.
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    Is it true that new suspension parts wear out old parts faster?

    I have an SUV with over 130K miles and so far I'm going to replace the upper control arm (which comes with a ball joint) as well as the inner and outer tie rod ends since all these components have damaged & worn boots. The lower ball joint boot seems ok but I don't know if I'm taking a risk not...