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    1980 Yamaha MX175 Two stroke issue.

    I have a old but in really nice shape 1980 Yamaha MX175. It's the white off road only version of the Yamaha DT line. I have a problem with it, that's driving me crazy. It quit running and I couldn't get it restarted. I was getting eradic spark so I changed the coil and spark plugs wire...
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    Financial Question on Taxes

    I no longer have any deductions. I am 49 and my wife 45. We get hit hard with having to write the IRS a nice fat check at the end if the year. We both claim 0 dependants but I refuse to give them more money out of every check. If we both bump up our pre-tax 401k deductions would that bring down...
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    Anyone know anything about Springfield 1903s?

    I was visiting a Pawn shop yesterday and a rifle caught my eye. It's a Springfield 1903. 6 digit serial number, tracked it and it was made in 1918. It's a Sporter with a Monte Carlo solid stock. Black tipped beautiful wood grain with knots. The bluing is spectacular. You can see your reflection...
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    Car and Driver's Top 10 picks for 2018

    I got a subscription to Car and Driver magazine because it was a good deal and I will say I have been enjoying it but thier top 10 pick is Bull and a bit agrevates me. Being I own a Challenger and I am pretty much a Dodge and Ford guy I read that they didn't consider the Challenger since it...
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    I was inquiring into Winchester because I certainly been seeing less and less of them new on the shelves. I guess Winchester split from Olin so are not even associated with the ammunition that has their name. They now make their guns about everywhere but here in the United States. Portugal...
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    Generator No Load Voltage?

    I have a PowerBack Generator. 11 hp Industrial Briggs Stratton on it. Haven't used it in awhile. I fired it up today and I thought I would check the voltage. I am getting around 113 volts at each receptle. I plugged some lights in it, they look good and when I run several items it seems to...
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    Post Hurricane Gas Prices

    I went to work last night and I have a fairly long drive plus I went one way to work another way home and noticed that All the gas stations seem to agree on $2.49 a gallon. I probably passed 20 or more gas stations and all of them 2.49, which is funny because they all varied the night before. I...
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    Gripe over Gun Store Practices.

    My 20 yo son is in that AR stage where he is building his AR switching out barrels, making mods and all that and now he has alot of spare parts. He bought a 80% lower and made a mess in my shop cutting it out before he gave up on a mess, he had to clean up. He paid $20 for it. He said he has...
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    Officially Switching To Fram.

    Been a faithful Purolator user since 1992, even the tears didn't really bother me. I cut open three and found none so I am thinking it was less than what people made it look like. Even if you did get a tear it would not be catastrophic failure just some minor wear. No the deal breaker is...
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    0W40 Dilemma

    So I bought a New Dodge Challenger with the SRT and being a oil nut I am checking out the oil it specs and I am not happy. Apparently it takes Pennzoil Ultra 0W40 without any room to deviate. I have read the Challenger sites and alot of people are going with Mobil 1 but Mobil is even saying...
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    0W40 Question

    So I bought a new Challenger with the SRT Hemi. It calls for 0w40 oil. All I see is 0W40 European formula. Is that same stuff? I have 2 years service agreement thrown in so I have time to find good deals or I could just put Valvoline 10W40 White bottle in it- pretty close.
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    Hemi MDS

    Getting ready to pull the pin and purchase a new Dodge Challenger with the Hemi SRT. It has the MDS and it calls for 0w40. I thought the big deal with MDS is you have to use 5w20 in the 5.7 Hemi. Apparently it's really not all about thin oil and activation. I was just surprised though.
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    Mystery Yamaha Motorcycle

    My uncle has a old Yamaha. It's a two stroke, twin cylinder 250. It has dual pipes, it's red/marroon. Probably from the early to mid 70s. Not sure what model it is. He is getting up there in age, said it still runs and he rides it once a year. He said he may be interested in selling it. His only...
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    Need Help with Poulan XXL Mini

    I have two Poulan XXL Minis. These are supposed to be good little powerful chainsaws. I have a Craftsman version and I love it. I can't get these things to run for nothing. I have rebuilt the carbs three times. Took them apart and cleaned them. I have changed both reeds. They have plenty of...
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    Echo GT225 Curved Shaft Trimmer Review

    My last trimmer, a Craftsman 21cc, 15" trimmer was bought 24 years ago and although it still ran good, starting it was becoming a project. All original including the carb, so I cant complain. My wife also of 24 years, decided to buy me a new trimmer for Christmas. She bought me a Echo GT225...
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    Poulan 5020 Chainsaw not Husqvarna.

    So I bought a really nice Poulan 5020 chainsaw at the Pawnshop for $50. It was nice condition, but little to no compression. I tore the exhaust port off and seen the ring was broken. I never rebuilt a chainsaw but I thought this one is a good candidate. I tore that that chainsaw done to nothing...
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    Chinese Chainsaws?

    Did anyone ever try any of these cheap Chinese Chainsaws? There are 62cc/52cc/45cc and the come with 22"/20" and 18" bars. They are really cheap with a brand new price of 62cc is $145 / 52cc is $105 and a 45 cc is $88. I saw two 45 cc ones in a pawnshop and I think they were Chinese. No name...
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    Honda Generator bad low oil sensor?

    Being in Hurricane induced Florida, I got to put some of my generators to use that see little use. I usually use the same ones for camping but I have some that I maintain but use very little. The Wacker 5600 with the Honda GTX340 engine is one of them. I haven't probably used it in two years. I...
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    Another Cool Pawn Shop Find!!

    While out wondering around with my wife, I came across a Pawn Shop and found a nice Remington 550-1 .22 automatic. Shoots short/long/ long rifle ( haven't seen that in awhile). Really nice shape. Butt plate is cracked, stock looks good, nice cherry wood. Serial number is 77. Two digit, that's...
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    Nice Pawn Shop Find

    I was out of town for some work related training and thought I would hit the local Pawn Shops before heading home. Low and behold a Beautiful Winchester model 88, in .243 Winchester. It had a 5 digit serial number which tells me it was more than likely pre 64. Hand stock wood checkering, black...