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    Gm Power Steering Fluid

    That part number was superseded by 10-5073. My car also specified 89021184 too, but I had no problem with 10-5073. I also tried Valvoline power steering fluid for my car. Both fluids have the same thickness, but the fluids smelled differently. I decided to use the AC Delco brand since I didn't...
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    E-Core? More Like Sweet-Core

    So I personally was against using E-Core filters on my car. On my previous car a 1999 Deville, I had issues where with a PF-61E E core filter would make the oil pressure light flicker at idle after 1000 Miles. This was in 2013. I switched to a regular PF-61 filter and never saw the oil light...
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    New AC R-1234yf - Is toppin off smart?

    Aren’t the compressor oils not compatible?
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    AC Delco AGM Group 94 battery $140 Amazon Prime Day Sale ends 7/13/22

    Amazon for prime day is selling an AC Delco AGM Group 94 battery. Normally similar batteries go for $180 - $200
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    Air conditioning freon

    Also the name "Freon" comes from the words "'Free-Ion" which describes the extra atom in R-12 that would bond with Ozone molecules and deplete the Ozone layer
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    Air conditioning freon

    The gas is the same. The difference is the equipment used to dispense the gas in to a car. Dealers/Shops don't actually use small cans. They buy refrigerant in tanks that look like propane tanks. Those tanks connect to special equipment that can recover and dispense the exact amount of...
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    Would you have bought the pizza?

    So this happened in Long Island near Riverhead NY, Not NYC. For those who don’t know, Eastern Long Island is more of a suburban area. This pizzeria seemed like your typiacal “American” pizza joint. Sponsors the local kids baseball team etc
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    Would you have bought the pizza?

    Went to buy a pizza pie a few days ago. Looked at the menus on the table saw a pie was $16.75. So I ordered it. When the cashier charged me. They charged $18 for the pie. So I asked them, why they’re charging me more? The owner then went on a tangent about inflation, how everything is going up...
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    Pep-Boys strikes again

    Small update. I called customer service and asked for a refund. They created a ticket and I waited for a response. The next day I get a call from the manager of shop 1 and he tells me that shop 2 should've been able to warranty the job. Either way he said to come to the shop so I could get a...
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    Pep-Boys strikes again

    That's what I thought too, but so far everything has been okay. I've driven maybe 800 miles since the incident and no signs of bubbling or new vibrations. So we'll see
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    Pep-Boys strikes again

    Oh this is 100000% True. The last time I brought my car to a dealer this happened: And the valve cover gaskets they replaced are leaking again :rolleyes: And before this, they took a week to replace a caliper and 2 wheel...
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    Pep-Boys strikes again

    So a few days ago, I broke a rim after hitting a huge pothole. The rim was bent, but the tire was fine. The tire never ran completely flat. It only started losing air when the dented part was close to the ground. Luckily, I have a spare OEM rim. I put the donut on and took my car to the local...
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    Intermittent Random Misfires, 10%+ LTFT at idle

    I've been having this issue for a while. Basically I keep having 10-20 misfires on cylinders 3,4,5 (Northstar V8). The other cylinders have 0 or 1 misfires. They seem to happen at high load. I've tried combinations of new OEM spark plugs and coils, but nothing really changed. I was also looking...
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    LED license plate lights. Tried the Sylvania Super Bright LED - Recommended.

    Same here. Id rather get the $4 pair of incandescent bulbs and be done with it.
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    LED license plate lights. Tried the Sylvania Super Bright LED - Recommended.

    I used this exact bulb for a parking light. It looked yellow-er than the 10 year old 2825 bulb on the other side. Eventually I replaced it with a 2825 bulb
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    Brake Pads: RAYBESTOS Element3 vs AKEBONO ProACT?

    I have ProACT on the front brakes. I’m very satisfied with the ProACT. They are quiet, Stop smooth, have a good “bite” and don’t produce a lot of dust.
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    When is the post-cat O2 sensor tested?

    So normally a Post-Cat O2 sensor voltage should stay constant between .5V and 1V when a cat is healthy. However, when looking at mode 6 data, The B1S2 O2 sensor also has a lean and rich test. The lean test checks if the sensor can read lean between 0V and 0.1V The rich test checks if the...
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    How do you prevent stuck blend doors?

    Its not so much the cost of the actuator, its more like the hassle of replacing it. Some cars require you to remove the dashboard to replace the actuator
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    How do you prevent stuck blend doors?

    Is it better to keep your HVAC at 60 or 90 so your actuators don't move? Or, to change the temperature often so the blend doors don't stay stuck.
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    Alternator Charging too long

    Neither. I unplugged the female connector to the glove box light and pushed in a male connector that fit the glove box connector. Yes I’m aware of yellow airbag connectors and will not go anywhere near them. I don’t see anything wrong with tapping into circuits for a dashcam. A cigarette...