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    Fuel contamination in a new RAV4 Prime PHEV. Thoughts? Advice?

    I totally respect that. Used oil gets recycled though, and if you buy something like mobil1 or pennzoil platinum when the rebates are going on, it's not bad price wise. 5qt jug of M1 0w-16 is $24.xx at my local walmart, $8 rebate out for it right now, 2 jugs max I think? Filter $5-$10. Without...
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    Fuel contamination in a new RAV4 Prime PHEV. Thoughts? Advice?

    First and foremost I appreciate the detailed reply. Yes, I didn't say that and I should have. In my mind I was wondering, will the extra moly in TGMO be beneficial in vehicles with elevated fuel dilution. I've read speculation about M1 using trinuclear moly where less is required to do the...
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    Fuel contamination in a new RAV4 Prime PHEV. Thoughts? Advice?

    You. I will often not use quotes like I did here when I'm responding to person directly above me. I thought it was clear I was referring to you since you asked about an oil with better additive package, and I responded right below with tgmo oils which appear, on paper to have good additive...
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    Fuel contamination in a new RAV4 Prime PHEV. Thoughts? Advice?

    That's not what he asked, he was asking for an oil with a stronger additive package which might help mitigate the issue. "So, a more thorough way to address the issue, apart from thicker oil, is to find an oil with an additive pkg better able to combat, or mitigate, the effects of gas in the...
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    Fuel contamination in a new RAV4 Prime PHEV. Thoughts? Advice?

    I know voa's and uoa's don't show everything that's in an oil, but oem toyota synthetic oil seems to have a very stout additive package 0w-20 link one, link two 0w-16 good article on fuel dilution in general which echos...
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    Thoughts on these cracks?

    Thanks for all the replies everyone (y)
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    Thoughts on these cracks?

    Good point, I never considered under inflation stressing the shoulders
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    Thoughts on these cracks?

    A member on a rav4 forum was asking about their tire cracking, curious to know what you think. 2018 rav4 with 30k, all four tires have the shoulder cracking
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    What's Harder On Modern Coolant... Time Or Miles?

    I agree with everything nobb has said. I think this is why some automakers, like Subaru spec an 11 year / 137,500mi replacement interval for the factory fill, and a 6 year, 75,000mi after the coolant has been replaced. They're acknowledging that you don't get everything out, hence the shorter...
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    Amazon Delivery driving practices

    Unreal. I don't see the problem with anyone coming into my driveway a little bit to turn around, especially if it's a business like fedex/ups/usps/etc who is highly unlikely to be doing something sketchy. Haven't we all done that at one point? I know I have.
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    What odd items are you having trouble finding in the stores?

    Minute rice 2-packs that come in those little microwavable plastic cups, all varieties except brown and wild rice. Baked lays potato chips. I can find them, but they're often sold out at the grocery store chain I go to most often (Hannaford).
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    How Much Do You Tip Your Barber ?

    $5. I go to places like supercuts and great clips, and it takes maybe 10 minutes to cut my hair. Edit: I also get my haircut around every 3-4 weeks.
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    Cant hand tighten filter

    Just out of bored curiosity, what vehicle/engine is this?
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    How can I remove starlock washers?

    Yeah I removed some from a lawnmower using a small flatblade screwdriver. Was my first time doing it and surprisingly it wasn't that bad, was able to reuse them too, they weren't in a critical spot in my opinion that I'm worried about them being worn. If you're worried about damaging them on...
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    People actually pay this much?

    Kind of off topic, a different product, but still makes me chuckle.. One of these things is not like the others. Guess you can't complain too much, that's $40 cheaper than shipped and sold by amazon...
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    Printer recommendation

    Cheap laser is fine if you don't want/need color. I'm done with Epson and Brother inkjets, I've been happy with my hp inkjet on the instant ink program. I like knowing that if I have to run a bunch of cleaning cycles due to lack of use, I'm covered. It's also funny how much longer cartridges...
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    Valvoline FlexFill Gear Oil

    Yeah in my head I was thinking about pumping it more when you are under the car and in the process of filling, but I wasn't thinking, it's unlikely you'll have to pump it more
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    Valvoline FlexFill Gear Oil

    The pouches are fantastic. People will always say "Ohhh just use this instead", but I think some of you are missing the point. Look at the long rigid tip on that garden sprayer, how the heck do you fit that into a tight space? How do you pump the sprayer when your car is on 4 jackstands in your...
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    Is it me or do Hyundai and Kia cars seem to ALWAYS have both brake lights out?`

    I haven't noticed that, but I'm going to pay more attention to them now haha. I feel like I see a lot of domestic trucks and/or suv's with certain lights out in the front, I think the daytime running lights.
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    Sudden Subaru LCA Bushing Failure

    You made the right choice. If you live in the salt belt, the ball joint pinch bolts are a nightmare to get out.