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    Delo 400 SD 15w30?

    I used some for a while. Not cost effective, but it had plenty of ZDDP, so I liked it for the Bug and the old slant-six. Rotella/Delo 15w40, or Rotella 10w30 of you don't want to use a 15w40, is mucho more cheap, readily available, and has decent enough ZDDP. EDIT: I think Delo actually...
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    Anyone running a coolant filter on a gas engine

    I've got one on the Saturd and the old van. The one on the van removed about a pound of "mud" in about a week. I'm not even exaggerating, the canister was nearly full. I'm no expert but it was probably good to get that stuff out.
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    NV3500 transmission won't go in 2nd gear

    Welp, got a factory shifter (shifter on it turned out to be a quick shifter). It goes in and stays in but the synchro for second seems to be shot. If I float it into second like an Fuller-Eaton 10 speed it goes in ok, but we'll eventually have to take it out and fix it.
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    NV3500 transmission won't go in 2nd gear

    This is the 5 speed we swapped into the old white van. Previous owner says it shifted fine when he took it out. It feels like it goes in 2nd but, as soon as you let up on the clutch (like the slightest bit), it jumps out. No grinding, it just comes out of gear. I'm not sure it even goes in...
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    Ice Cream makers,anyone got one?!

    We make ice cream in the summer. Homemade ice cream is good stuff.
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    Will Subway restaurants be around in 10 years?

    The gas station near my house has a deli that makes HUGE sandwiches for the same or less $$$ than Subway. Better flavor, too. The best sandwiches I ever had were the Mintor Market sloppy joes. Went out of business in the early 90s.
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    what happens to a car after we sell it?

    If I sell a car, I don't give a $^!& what happens to it.
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    Apparently, Fram doesn't make an Ultra to fit my

    <div class="ubbcode-block"><div class="ubbcode-header">Originally Posted By: JohnnyJohnson</div><div class="ubbcode-body">Really and just what is the microns rating on those TRD filters I can't find the spec anywhere. I'd like to know so I could really comparison shop. </div></div> It doesn't...
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    RIP Tom Petty

    The local classic rock station has been playing him nonstop. I wondered why. RIP. His music found me when I needed it the most.
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    Air France Flight 66 engine failure

    They should have used 5w30 instead of 0w20.
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    What is the thickest oil you've ran in the winter?

    3qts 20w50 + 1qt Lucas in the Bug. Lowest temp was probably high 20s. Poor thing would barely crank and ran like buttocks for a few minutes. No thermostat, so it took a long time to warm up. Switched to 10w30 ... POOF! Huge improvement. Thus was the beginning of the end of me and thick oil.
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    T6 5W-40 in a 1998 454 vortec?

    T6 would be fine. If your oil pressure seems low, you may need to drop the pan and clean the oil pickup. It wouldn't hurt to check, anyway. Your bottom end noise may be due to oil starvation caused by an obstructed pickup. Guy kept coming in to work to buy 20w50 for his Durango because the...
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    Take foot off gas... car won't stop

    Electric throttle? It will stay partially open until you hit the brake or coast below some pre-set speed. Something to do with economy and emissions.
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    How far have you driven on a flat tire ?

    I drove around on one for, geez, I dunno. Two weeks? Almost a month? Every time I got in the car and drove off, I'd remember, "Oh, yeah. The tire." Then I'd get back home and it was, "I better fix that before I drive again." Then I'd get drunk and/or pop pills and forget about it. That...
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    Smith & Wesson MP9 version 2.0 is a winner

    Oh, it was a hard choice between an M&P and an XD when I was buying my carry gun. The XD won out because it fit my fingers just a little better.
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    Do you have a favorite spark plug brand?

    I was an ngk person for a long time but the last couple of sets I got didn't seem to do so well. (misfires, mileage drop). I'm trying bosch and autolite.
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    Looks waaaaaaay better than the last PH8A I cut open. The last few Frams I've seen on here finally seem to have addressed the lack of media issue.
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    Jerry Lewis RIP

    Maybe they'll finally release that Nazi clown movie.