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    Anyone Using QSUD In The New Jugs? Any Opinions?

    Is anyone using the QSUD in the new jugs? Some say it was reformulated and if so is it still as good as it used to be? Any recent uoa's on it?
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    Dealer Put Wrong oil Into New Vehicle

    We have a 2017 Full size Hyundai Santa Fe with the 3.3 v6 It came with some free oil changes so today my daughter brought it to the dealer to have the oil changed it is almost 6 months and 3200 miles on it so it was due for its first oil change.. When she got it home today i looked at the...
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    Is there a Free Website That Can Decode A VIN

    I used to know of a website that you could put in a vin and find out the options of the vehicle.. Does anyone know if that still exists and what the website is?
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    Happy New Year to all !!

    Everyone here Have A Happy, Healthy and prosperous New Year
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    Oil That Got You The Most Miles On Your Engine?

    What oil have everyone used that gave the most trouble free miles out of your engines.. I have to say in the past it was PYB and PHM that helped with the most miles on my engines .. 83 oldsmobile 307-5.0 litre... Around 400,000 miles 2 1979 Cadillacs my parents bought new both with very high...
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    Help Peopl Texting Me Back But I Did Not Text Them

    I have had this problem with my texts for the last few years always around the Holidays .. It seems that i am getting text messages from people that seem to be getting texts from me although i did not send any of these people anything because i don't even know some of them. I got a bunch this...
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    01 Ford Escape V6 What To Use In Transfer Case-PTO

    i will be changing the rear end gear oil and also the transfer case which ford calls the P.T.O. on a 2001 ford escape v6 what oil does everyone like for that application? Vehicle has 190,000 miles.. No history on what oil is in there now.
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    Which fram Ultra For 95 Cadillac Northstar

    I must be getting old or losing my mind or something because i can't remember what Fram Ultra to use on the 95 Cadillac Seville. My son is using it upstate NY and will be doing an oil change but like i said i forgot what filter to tell him to buy... Fram had two listed but i am having a problem...
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    Talked With Senior Gm Tech About E-Core Filters

    I ran into an old friend and saw he had an ac delco e core on his front seat.. He is one of GM's top Techs that travels from dealer to dealer to figure out some of the hard to fix problems. He is up on all the latest GM things. I asked him about the e core he had on his front seat and said it...
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    2001 Toyota Codes PO446,PO1135,PO441,PO440,PO1155

    A friend of mine has a 2001 Toyota Avalon v6 3.0 that was sitting for about a year Car is not in my possession now but he said it runs well.. My friend scanned it because the check engine light is on and so is the VSC and VSC off light. The codes that he said came up when he scanned it were...
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    Looking For Good Transmission Filter For 01 Avalon

    Looking for a good readily available transmission filter from either Auto Zone, Napa, or Advance Auto for a 2001 Toyota Avalon.. He will be using Valvoline Maxlife Dex- Merc ATF
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    Bought 4 New Auto Zone Gold Batteries

    I bought 4 Auto Zone Duralast Gold batteries for all the vehicles in my family that had batteries over 4 years old I liked their cca's and could not beat the wholesale price either..Plus a 3 year warranty. I looked at the Costco Interstate batteries but they did not have the cca's the Duralast...
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    Best Lube For Hinges, Locks And Other Parts.

    I asked my friend who is a Licensed Lock Smith what he uses to lube locks that he works on and he says most locksmiths use the blue and yellow WD-40 spray but there must be something better. Maybe even another WD-40 product...Any ideas?
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    How Are The Interstate Car Batteries From Costco ?

    How are the interstate car Batteries from Costco? What about the Warranty, prices and CCA? I always used auto zone gold Batteries because i bought them wholesale through my commercial account but the last two i bought from auto zone were not so great.
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    GO-5 Flush And Refill 04 MGM Joe's way!

    I had a neighbor with his 2004 Mercury Grand Marquis over to change the anti freeze which is original and is the motorcraft gold.. I picked up Zerex GO-5 and was going to do a flush with distilled water and then put in the two gallons of GO-5... well my brother volunteered to do the honors...
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    Interstate Car Batteries At Costco..Good Deal ?

    I usually get my Batteries from auto zone i use the auto zone Gold for $100.00 (Commercial Shop Price) The guy that rebuilds our alternators mentioned he buys Interstate batteries at Costco cheaper and they have more CCA's and have a better warranty anyone know what they have at costco and is...
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    Correct rear Axle Fluid For 04 Grand Marquis

    I never changed the rear axle fluid in this 2004 Mercury Grand Marquis what weight should i use..I am going with Motorcraft from the dealer..Any special additive needed?
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    Who Has Used Mobil Super 5w30 High Mileage Oil?

    Who is using or has used the Mobil Super High Mileage Engine Oil in any weight? Curious what everyone thinks of this oil..
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    2004 MGM.How Many Quarts For Trans Pan Drop?

    I am going to be changing the transmission fluid on a 2004 Mercury Grand Marquis with 60,000 miles..It is the first pan drop and filter change ever for this car..How many quarts of Mercon 5 does it take with Filter? I am using Motorcraft Mercon 5 and a Motorcraft dealer trans filter. My brother...
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    Everyones Favorite 5w30 Dino And Why?

    Im curious what is everyone favorite Dino in the 5w30 viscosity? I recently changed from PYB TO Mobil super 5000 and was curious what everyone else was using and why?