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    Radio, Instrument panel, display, AC cutting off

    So I had the radio cut off a few times 2 months ago. Read up and installed a ground wire from battery - to chassis. Problem solved. Until.. Yesterday I got to do a 100 mile trip. Radio, Instrument panel, display, AC cutting off started on the last 10 miles. They come back on, stay on for a...
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    Propene, polymer with ethene use in motor oil

    This is from a mixed review moly engine oil additive I used. Only contents are oil, moly and this, however there may be "nonhazardous additions". Then again it would not be pronene with ethene if it had some buddies with it right? What would Propene, polymer with ethene be used for in an...
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    Reasonable Iridium Plug change interval

    What would be a reasonable Iridium Plug change interval? I have Denso Iridium Power II's, which Denso rated for 30k miles back in 2014 or so when I put them in. I rechecked and now Denso Europe gives them just 20k miles. I heard a lot of people claim 60-70k miles on them are no problem. Now the...