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    Any Hot Wheels collectors among us?

    I've had them since I was a kid, but only in the last couple years have I paid attention to the pegs while at the stores. I love the fact there are so many, and some highly collectible ones, as well as the fact the hobby is cheap. ($1.25 per car at Walmart CDN) I keep most of mine in the...
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    Back in summer mode finally (No more winter rims)

    Went out to Port Stanley today since it was nice and sunny. Put my summer rims on yesterday and hand washed the car for the first time today, despite them calling for rain tomorrow. It just felt right to wash it today! Only a few with my cellphone... Enjoy. <img...
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    General Altimax RT vs Yokohama YK580

    For my 2011 Civic sedan. 205/55/16. They are very similar in price. I just want a decent riding, quiet tire. Getting likely one of these 2 installed tomorrow. Discuss.
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    My condo bicycle storage solution (pic)

    My road bike is not in the picture because I am planning on selling it and going to more of an urban style bike. Also the door on the right is my AC/furnace so it only gets opened every so often for a filter change. (Which can still be done with the bikes the way they are) Top: 2009...
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    Bought a condo. First day of home ownership!

    Well, not many of you know, but I bought a condo back a few months ago and the close date was yesterday, Jan 31. I got the keys yesterday and went in, started pulling up the tired carpet and brought in some small stuff before I bring in all the furniture etc. (I am re-carpeting) Condo rules say...
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    Broke down and bit the bullet. Got a 2011 Civic.

    Was looking at used cars again recently when I started going through another rash of Saturn wheel bearing failures, and after going over my options and how much I drive, it made more sense to go new. 2011 Civic "SE" (Canadian model) I actually had to have this car ordered in because my dealer...
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    Got me some Petro Canada DuraDrive MV!

    This stuff looks great. <a href="" target="_blank">MV Synthetic ATF</a> I just bought 3 quarts from the gas station, I am actually planning on using it in my Saturn 5MT for this winter. It currently has a DexVI approved fluid which I...
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    Crankcase pics part 2.. Reassembly. 96 Satty.

    Second part to my original thread. These are the reassembly pics of the timing components on my 1996 Saturn SL2 DOHC. 231K KMs. Took some pics of the cam lobes for the BITOG'er in me. I'm sure some of you will find that more interesting than the other pics! <img src="/forums/graemlins/48.gif"...
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    Crankcase pics during timing chain job. 96 Satty.

    <img src="" alt="" /> <img src="" alt="" /> Car is a 1996 Saturn SL2 DOHC. 231K KMs. There are some obvious signs of neglect going on here. For the past 30+K KMs Ive owned this car...
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    98 Sunfire 2.4L eating serpentine belts

    Anyone ever heard/seen this before? I'm asking on a friend's behalf. Car is a 98 Sunfire GT with the 2.4 engine. We replaced a bad alternator last year and noticed the belt was hanging on by mere threads. Just assumed it was original and replaced it. About a year passes. Belt looks pretty much...
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    Picking up new (to me) car next week

    For those that remember <a href="" target="_blank">this thread</a> you'll remember I was tossed up between 2 Nissans. I ended up biting the bullet and getting the car I actually wanted, not a fill in...
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    Considering a newer car. 2 picks, your opinion!

    I'm considering upgrading from the Sat, I have to drive so much and I'm just not sure how much longer she'll put up with it. Some of you may or may not know, Im a Nissan lover.. There are 2 cars I'm interested in, but just can't figure out which one I like better. Theyre both pretty hard to...
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    Question about fuel dilution in oil

    This is a topic I don't know much about. I have recently had what MAY be a cause for concern with my current fill of oil, which is coming up due to be drained anyways, but riddle me this.. Is it a problem that a few days ago my car was operating on 3cyl, dumping gas (assuming the injector was...
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    Can someone tell me if I have a better option?

    car is a 1996 Saturn SL2 5MT... I have put Amsoil ATF in my 97 SL1 5MT with fine success. Cold shifts are good and of course warm shifts obviously all that much better. Are there any better options than the Amsoil Synthetic to put in my 96? For those who don't know, the Saturns use DexIII in...