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    Rotella 15W-40 Users Whar is your OCI?

    I run this 5000 miles/6 months max in some of my gas engines. They tend to have a lot of fuel dilution...80's era VW 4cyls...and the cost of an UOA is more than the cost of an oil change, so I just change it. I have used Rotella 10w30 in the in-laws GM V6 stuff and follow the OLM. Usually...
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    odd question.

    If the lock was OEM, a key code might be on a info placard, usually in the trunk. Any Suzuki or GM dealer should be able to cut a key from the code. You could always have a locksmith open it up.
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    Metric Michelins!!! NISSAN, this time.

    Say it ain’t so!!! Metric tires on production vehicles in the US, again! Didn’t manufacturers learn their lesson back with the Ford & BMW tire flops in the 80’s? Oh well, I guess the Renault ownership of Nissan is steering the company’s direction, rather than reliable products the customer...
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    Mitsubishi Pick-Ups. Who & Where???

    So Mitsubish now is selling pick-up, again. The VINs start with "1"! Where in the US are these being produced? I stopped by a dealer to look at them and I kept feeling Dodge Dakota overtones?!?! Are these 100% Mistubishi or another company's re-labled goods, like the Isuzu Hombre/Canyon?
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    TARGET advice: Use Heavier Weight Oil in Winter.

    I was strolling through Target the other day, looking for some of that $1.22/qt Mobil 1 15w50. I noticed on one of the oil shelves a little list of tips. One was to change oil every 3000 miles, etc… The one that caught my eye stated to use HEAVIER weight oil in the winter!!! I read &...
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    Need recommendation for 2005 Xterra driven in multiple harsh conditions

    I believe Nissan does not recommend synthetics for their engines, per the owner's manual (but that do they know?). Mobil 1 5w30 should do fine, but is probably overkill for your application. I can't talk because I found a 5qt jug of the good SJ tri-syn Mobil 1 5w30 I forgot about out in the...
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    Who gets Propane for $1.063/gallon?

    <a href="" target="_blank"></a> The Propane Council is running their annual Fall “Propane is cheaper that the Sun” ad campaign. I would have to disagree with their general message as LNG, Propane and natural gas are set for a 70%...
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    The days of SuperTech = Mobil gone?

    I went to pick up some oil change stuffs at the local WM. The 'Mobil' 5qt jugs of ST oil are gone, in favor of WPP's product. Single qts were still I guess the contract was just for a year? Maybe the Hurricanes disrupted supply? The only reason I bought ST oil was becasue it...
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    Feather in the Hat for VoIP ! !

    "Cut off from traditional and cellular phone service by the floods after the storm, a top aid to the mayor of New Orleans managed to re-establish communications with the outside world — including President Bush — using a broadband connection and an Internet phone account." Source: <a...
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    Rolex price increases

    I canceled my order.
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    Your opinion...Oil Change, then Blown Main Seal

    Wonder what some folks might think: Short: Chain store changed oil in car. 50 miles later main seal dropping oil like a sieve. What do you think? Long: Mother-in-law needed a car. I sign over my old trusty ’93 Accord 3 months ago. Last week it needed front brakes. Since it has about 160k...
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    RainX Washer Fluid - Gone???

    I can't find RainX washer fluid at any W-Ms in my area. Is it still available???
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    advise: my car has been sitting for 7 months

    I would do an oil change, even if you just use a good conventional oil and new filter, and/or a REPUTABLE quicky-lube place. All the contamination that was in the oil before the rest may have degraded the oil further as it sat. After the trip home, go back to the good fancy oil. However, oil...