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    Toured an Airbus A400

    I'm curious if these have the same flight characteristics as the commercial line (A320-A350...etc) where you are "managing" the aircraft rather than actually flying it (a la Boeing).
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    $1500 price hike on some GM vehicles mandatory 3 years of OnStar

    Gotta pay back that gov't bailout somehow...
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    Cell vs Land line issue

    What is a landline?
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    Can anyone tell me what fruit this is?

    To me, it looks like an infant Eggplant.
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    Anybody using CBD as a sleep aid.

    I have FL medical cannabis. I would rather eat an indica strain candy over CBD all night.
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    Forscan is such a neat tool
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    Ford pigtail catalog

    I agree with you in regards to making it yourself. I have a large, national client that has trucks from Terex, Kenworth..etc and they prefer to get primary wire in bulk from me to make harnesses along with the necessary weather pack/deutche connectors. Add in some split loom and boom.
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    I just needed to post something, my posting # was at 3,666

    *does the sign of the cross* (i am catholic)
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    Lost another wonderful friend today

    Sorry for your loss!
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    Motorcraft Full Synthetic

    That screenshot is old and is from their Motorcraft consumer site. ALL Motorcraft blends and Full Synthetic oils are SP-rated. Their blend is a rebranded version of Phillips 66's Shield blend. The Full Synthetic is rebranded Shield Valor. I use the FS 5W20 in my Fusion and in my experience, it...
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    Phillips 66 Shield 5w30

    it is the same as motorcraft blend. use with confidence.
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    Post your latest oil change

    2014 Ford Fusion ecoboost 1.5: Motorcraft Full Synthetic 5W20 SP with an FL-910S filter.
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    Unusual U.S. Army PSYOP Recruitment Video

    If you thought the video was weird, then the unit is doing their job right [REDACTED]
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    questions regarding blended oils

    Motorcraft Synthetic blend oils are very stout. Manufactured by Phillips 66 and most "weights" if not all, are identical to Kendall. I wouldn't worry about it.
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    White smoke came out of vents

    Condensation/dew point
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    Purolater One VS Motorcraft AF

    AFAIK, Motorcraft Oil filters are made by Purolator. (USA MADE). I can't say the same about their air filters because some of them look nearly identical to some Denso part numbers.
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    Why are all phones gigantic?

    A large phone certainly helps with reading blueprints and schematics. I started to use my iPad in my line of work and its awesome, no need to zoom in.
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    2023 Ford Taurus - Another cool car we don't get anymore :(

    Quite obvious on here that some people forget, SUVs are not for everyone.