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    Emergency equipment in your vehicle?

    Besides the factory equipment like lug wrench, jack, and spare, what else do you carry? I have a tow strap, folding entrenchment shovel and a hatchet. A roll of gorilla tape is usually in the spare well too. Should add a selection of zip ties. Always carry jumper cables. Thinking of...
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    PQIA testing, volume?

    Does the pqia test the actual volume of oil in a container as part of their tesing proceedures? I'd think that state's weights and measures dept would keep most companies honest though. With some oils not meeting standards as labeled, you never know. Just curious.
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    2001 LR Discovery Rehab Plan

    I've recently acquired an orphaned LR Disco2 SE. Head gasket and water pump were both leaking coolant. Fortunately, it was not overheating, so the plan is to rehabilitate the English lass in time for hunting season. Heads are off and are being Cleaned and checked. Parts are on the way and...
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    Vintage Oil Cans

    Was at an auction a few days ago, and snapped a few pics for you guys: <img src="" class="post-image" alt="" /> <img...
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    Siluria: Natural Gas to Gasoline MIT Tech Review

    <a href="" title="httpwwwtechnologyreviewcomnews523146chasingthedreamofhalfpricegasolinefromnaturalgas" target="_blank"></a>
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    Blaupunkt car audio opinions?

    Have been looking at upgrading the head unit and components in the 986. Something feels right about going with blaupunkt, even though they are all made in RoC now. I replaced the dash speakers with the 4" blue magic blaupunkt speakers last spring. I have the stock Porsche head unit now...
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    Gearwrench 3870 Oil Plug Ratchet Set

    I came across this when looking for something else on Amazon: <a href="" target="_blank"></a> <a...
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    Plastic Solvent for cleaning Stainless Steel

    I have a few stainless steel tools that have had a plastic wrapper type material melted to them. They have textured/knurled handles and I'd like to try to get them clean of this material. I've tried isopropyl alcohol and "orange solvent" cleaner because that's what was handy. Not much luck...
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    Short run Rehab, how long?

    I'm trying to rehab a neglected 986. When drained oil was over oci. Filter was starting to break up as well. I put in a new filter and filled with T6, since it was the cheapest full syn 5w40 I could find at the time. I figured that I would be dumping it soon enough so I have done more...
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    2005 Subaru Legacy GT, Pennzoil Ultra 10w-30 4040m

    I have my first ever UOA results. I have stayed near the Subaru recommended 3750mi OCI for severe duty. I'm stage 3 with upgraded turbo, injectors, etc. Probably about 300whp. I have run PU for the last four changes at least, and before that it was PP. I run the 10w30 for a bit more shear...
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    Maintenance Log?

    I'm sure this has come up before, but searching this forum didn't yield any results. Does any one have a source for a downloadable maintenance log book? Trying to keep better records than in the past and figured there is no need to re-invent the wheel, right? I'd prefer a paper form based log...