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    2016 Toyota Avalon OLM goes off at 5000

    Ok so the new 2GR-FE in my Avalon is specced for 10k OCI with 0w20 synthetic But the OLM keeps going off at 5000..........hellooooooo?
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    Dealer rant

    Ok took the new Avalon in for the first check up.....which is really just a tire rotation, alignment check and top off fluids...So being the double-triple-anal retentive Bitoger type....I get out my torque wrench and hit all the lug nuts just to be sure so I can have peace of mind when I drive...
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    I used some 85w140 on my garage door opener...

    I lubed the chain and rollers lightly with some M-1 85w140 I have had laying around in my "orphan shelf" of half full containers. Now my garage stinks like sulfur.... <img src="/forums/graemlins/eek.gif" alt="eek" title="eek" height="15" width="15" /> How many decades until the smell subsides...
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    Upgrading my Dell Precision 390 to Win 7

    Ok so I am upgrading to win 7 (maybe). Ran the MS win 7 upgrade advisor report and it says my Broad-com NetExtreme 57xx Gigabit controller might be a problem. Everything else is compatible. How do I tell if it will work? Or should I get a refurbished system for $399 with win 7 already on it...
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    Certified CRV or Sante Fe?

    My daughter is getting ready to trade the 2009 Civic college car in. The 2 choices are a 2014 CRV LX (certified) or a 2015 SanfaFe Sport (certified) Which one is the better vehicle? Both have 30-40,000 miles.
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    AC & Radiator fans cyclling on and off frequently

    2008 Rav4 110,000 miles. When you start it cold the radiator & AC fans start cycling on and off every 20 seconds. What would cause this?
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    Plastic bumpers and women driving over curbs..

    Ok so I have a wife and 3 daughters....all of them drive their cars up to the curb and one many of the newer cars they sit so low the plastic bumper drags over the curb. <img src="/forums/graemlins/mad.gif" alt="mad" title="mad" height="15" width="15" /> Then they back up and drag it back...
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    To DIY or not to DIY

    Ok so here is the scenario.....the kid's 2009 Civic 110k runs great.(paid for) She lives in the city and walks to work so the car gets driven <10 year. The AC keeps working then stopping intermittently. So it is probably the compressor thermal sensor, clutch or the whole compressor itself. I...
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    CCW license

    GOT MY CONCEALED CARRY PERMIT TODAY So Trump said everyone should carry. I went over to the local Gun Shop to get a small 9 mm handgun for home/personal protection. When I was ready to pay for the pistol and ammo, the cashier said, "Strip down, facing me." Making a mental note to complain to...
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    Is there a 0w20 syn blend?

    Do any of the manufacturers make a 0w20 syn blend oil?
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    TPMS Sensors 2009 Civic

    What is the best way to do these. DIY then have a dealer do them or a tire shop. These can be bought on Amazon for $25/each. The dealer wants $70 each and $70 to program each. Anyone ever DIY and then just get reprogrammed? Do you need to re-balance the tire?
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    What is better 5w20/5000 or 0w20/10,000?

    Ok for my new Toyota Avalon with the 0w20 TGMO Syn 10,000 mile OCI....would it be better to go with a 5w20 Syn Blend and go 5000 or stick with the 10k?
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    Went to drop the trans pan......Uh NO WAY BABY!!

    2008 Rav4 kids high school "share" car....since new. 110,000 teenager brakes 2x, new tires, new battery, tune up air filters 5000 OCI with QSUD 5w20.....dents & scratches ALL THE WAY around. I have done WS drain fils through the dipstick tube with my fluid extractor every 15,000...
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    0w20 and the itch to stay with 5w30

    Ok so my new Toyota takes 0w20........I have Toyota care which they will use 0w20 TGMO (which is a blend if I am not mistaken)...but all 3 other 2GR-FE engines I have had have been flawless using PP 5w30. Should I switch it to 5w30? This is going to drive me nuts...... <img...
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    Toyota Factory Fill???

    Ok got a new Toyota 2GR-FE and was wondering of anyone knows if there are AW additives in Toyota FF like Honda? I usually dump the FF at 1000-1500 miles.
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    Are all 0w20 oils synthetic?

    My new Avalon takes 0w20 and the dealer is giving me the first 25000 miles of changes included. Will they be using a dino or syn?
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    My Craftsman 1/2" 14.2V cordless impact died

    It just torque....It has served me well for about 5 is worth rebuilding? I can get a new 19.2v one on sale for about $85 with a new battery. Are these things worth repairing?
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    What is the best place to buy bumper covers??

    I am looking for a new rear bumper cover for my 2008 RAV4 and want to get a pre-painted one. Anyone have any good suggestions?
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    2009 Honda Civic Cooling fan running continuously

    Radiator fan runs continuously AC blows maybe. Where do I look? I know nothing about AC systems. <img src="/forums/graemlins/shocked.gif" alt="shocked" title="shocked" height="15" width="15" />
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    Tex disappears after following a hotlink

    If I am on this and other forums and I follow a link to another site when I return back the text in all of the posts disappears. What is causing that? Anyone know? I am running win XP SP3